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5 Years Since My Operation!

Hello All,

Just wanted to let you all know that I have crossed the 5 year milestone!

Many thanks to everyone for their support and advice. Now aged 37 and back at work full time with two children aged 3 & 6 and a very supportive wife, I see myself as a very lucky man.

Still have the challenge of weight loss, but confident that will resolve with time.

Love to all.


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I passed my 5 year milestone a few months ago.

It is a great feeling.

You were certainly very young when you were diagnosed so it is great that you are back to some kind of normality with both your family and working life.

I wish you well. Keep eating little and often.

Larry xx


How lovely. So inspirational both you guys!

Charlie x


Congratulations and good health to you both. Its nice to hear good news like yours

Edwina x


Well done..

Always feels good to pass that milestone.

How you feel and what you can do is more important than weight loss.

I'm nearly 18 yrs into this now and quality of life is what matters most.

Best wishes for the next 5yrs.



Congratulations wonderful to hear such positive news! Your young family must be thrilled that all is going so well.


Mny congratulations and every happiness to you and your family.


Tremendous news.Congratulations


Well done to both! Its 3 years today since my op & just starting to feel it was all worth while. My weight is pretty near back to pre op & might soon have to cut back! Good luck to all who have gone through and going through this "challenging" problem!


Congratulations! Me too! I was first diagnosed in February 2007 and had my operation in June that year. I was 54 and at the time I thought I would be lucky to see 55. I'm now 59 and have lived to see the arrival of two grandchildren, for which I am eternally grateful. I've given up worrying about my weight. I'm 24lbs lighter than before the operation, but I'm fit and well and that's all that matters. Good luck for the future.



CONGRATULATIONS Jay, I too passed my 5 year milestone last month, it's a great feeling. We certainly have a lot to be grateful for, every day is a blessing. Keep well and happy.



Congratulations!!! Each year feels like a milestone and is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But somehow that 5 year mark has a different feeling!!!

My 5 years is next month, want to get on the roof and shout "Still here, beat the bad odds" ha

Well Done to you and your good family!!!


What a milestone - how pleased you must be and how pleased we all are for you. It gives such hope to those of us still going through the process and fearful for the future.

All the best,

Lyn x


Well done Jay! It is a great milestone, and definitely worth celebrating to counteract all the other stuff that occurs after this illness. Keep well, and thanks for all your help.



Hi jay, I am new to this as my op was january 2012, so its slowly slowly but I am getting there and to hear about you and other long term peoples its so great because at one time or another we do think holy moly what is happening in our lives. So thank you and so get celebrating.

Take care

Tina x


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