Nodular Prurigo International

Introducing Us

If you've reached this page then I assume that you maybe someone who either has Nodular Prurigo (NP) or is affected in some other way by this condition. Maybe a partner, family member or friend has it. Either way you are very welcome and I hope that you can get the help you need, or share information with us.

NP (prurigo nodularis or Hyde's Disease to give one of many names) is a particularly difficult and chronic skin disease which has no known causes or an effective cure. I am a sufferer and therefore understand that there may be lots of questions that you need to ask. So I invite you to use this site to contact me and I will try my best to help.

As well as that I maintain the website Nodular Prurigo International ( and the Facebook group of the same name ( The latter is a very active, closed group where you can discuss your problems with others safely and confidentially. Do request to join. You will be most welcome.

While you are here, have a look around. Ask a question. Start your own blog or vote in the polls. This site is what you make of it.

Hope to get to know you soon,

Rebecca Dittman