CAPD catheter belts and where to get them

Hi folks,

New to the site but already finding it very helpful.

I have just had my PD catheter fitted and will be starting my training in a few weeks. I have been advised that PD catheter belts/band are really handy but am struggling to find many suppliers. Can someone point me in the right direction or recommend somewhere?


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  • Hi Neverstrutt, just had mine fitted also. Funny thing is, although there seems to be PD Belts out there, my renal team did not supply one or know how to get one. Hence, I set about making one of my own...well, I designed it and my mum made own design and made to suit my catheter length etc. There are sites on the web which supply belts but I have only found US sites...I am sure a UK based Company does them but I am yet to find one.

    So.....hows home dialysis going ?


  • Hi Taurus,

    I found the same that it was mainly USA sites such as Stickman that specialized in these.

    Good on you for making your own.

    I'm currently on Haemo (neck-line) but as I said before have my Catheter fitted. Was meant to be starting my training this coming Monday but they think I'll need to leave it another week to allow further healing still. I can't wait. Anything to get off this neck-line.

    I will let you know how I get on once I get started.

    How are you getting on? been on PD long?

  • Hi PD click are great, we just googled that and they work brilliantly, two in a pack so wear one and wash and dry the other.

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