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Am I pregnant?

I went to the doctors and the test come up positive, but the line was very light. the doctor asked me to come back a week later for another test. The doctor seems to think I'm pregnant but am I?? I have been having a lot of head aches, and I never hardly got them before plus my breasts feel tender, back ache and feeling sick an just basically tired all the time. What do u think? Could anyone give me any advise on what there opinion. Is to put my mind at ease because I hope I ... Thank you

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Hiyas his happened to're probably just really early on in pregnancy...I don't think you'd have even a faint line without the presence of the hormone HCG which indicates pregnancy. Of course, I could be wrong so it maybe best to do as dr says and go back for a repeat test at a later date. If its something you want I hope it all works out for you!


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