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Discharge question... grim!

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I'm going to be blatant here!

I'm 26 weeks pregnant this morning an amount of milky watery discharge came out of me. I'm assuming it is discharge but wondered how I would be able to tell if it was actually the amniotic fluid or not? I haven't been leaking all day but did notice something similar yesterday. No other symptoms accompanying it, no pain, no foul odour, no cramping or bleeding but it was the amount that came out that concerned me and it's all new territory for me so I've no idea about such things. I do know that there is increased discharge during pregnancy but this isn't what I normally experience as discharge. I tried to contact my midwife but she didn't respond. I'm due a growth scan tomorrow as my belly is measuring small and I'm hoping i'm not small due to losing fluid. I'll ask the staff at the hospital tomorrow afternoon but wondered if anyone has had this too and if it's just a new type of increased discharge rather than anything to be concerned about.

Thanks for any responses!

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I have had the same too..... So anybody out there to make us both feel this Is okay? I tried getting hold of midwife but can't get appointment for two weeks!!!

Hi, from 24 weeks I had a watery discharge that didn't smell, not really any colour to it and didn't make me uncomfortable and resulted into wearing liners for the rest of my pregnancy. My midwife always did the urine check and sometimes would fine protein in it but she never worried about it and never gave me anything to 'cure' it, even though her reaction always seemed like it was a problem. I hope that helps you both :-)

I had that with my second, nothing to worry about just wear a pad, mine turned into thrush though which was very very irratating. How did you get on at your scan??

I have a lot of cm, o much I wear pads, sometimes I wipe and there is a lot exactly as u described, I spoke to my midwife yesterday, she did my urine test, bp, all was one so was the cm, totally normal. Xx

Thank you everyone for your help and ability to reassure me.

When I went to my growth scan I asked about this watery milky discharge fluid and mentioned that there was a lot of it, they told me it's all normal and mirrored what you said and that I'd know the difference if it's amniotic fluid, due to the scan they could see that there was enough fluid for little squiggly to move in. I'm very relieved as I'd been told I was measuring small for my weeks but baby is actually a little on the big side, not excessively big but just below the larger part of the chart so my scheduled GTT has been brought forward (I was offered it due to my ethnicity). I hope that I haven't developed gestational diabetes so I'm going to cut the carbs and juices out of my diet down to a minimum as that will be easy to do and probably a good habit to get into. I can still eat as much food as I feel I need to with a little adjustment. So glad to have seen squiggly and to have my mind put at rest.

Thanks again everyone!



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