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Am I Pregnant? My period was due on the 06/11/2012

We've been trying for a few months to get pregnant and this will be my first. my boobs have gotten bigger and been uncomfortable for about 3 weeks but i get this usually for only a week before my period. im also getting lower stomach discomfort which i again get before my period but still a no show. i don't feel sick but whatever i eat during the day repeats on me and i have been feeling tire but i suufer with MS and so this can be normal for me. i think im just living in hope

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hey there,best thing to do is a test,they say you can test from the 1st day of your missed period,i would wait a week before testing but obviously thats just me you can test anytime, but if you get a negative result i would restest in a week or two, its hard to say because u was only due on yesturday but there is a possibility you very well could be. . . . :) hope this help xx


I agree - the only way you can know for sure is to do a test. Do one of those clearblue digital ones as they're 99.9% accurate and if you're pregnant it should pick it up even a few days before the date of your missed period (so it claims!). Maybe take it at the weekend though just to be safe Take it first thing in the morning when the pregnancy hormone is at it's strongest. Fingers are crossed for you!



Yep do a test as you have already missed you period the test should show you a true result. Then you can go from there. Best of luck, let us know the result :-D


Hello thank you for your answers I did the test and I am now pregnant! Thank you so much for your help.


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