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Do i need to be more patient,or do something different?

I started having sex with my fiancee after a 3years abstinence,so we resolved to having a child together.

So, we'v been having sex since 19th of July,with the expectation that i would have been pregnant by now.But was dis-appointed to still see my period on Monday of this week.

We do have sex quite frequently,i just want to know if there's a possibility that i might be pregnant,despite my period or,we might be doing something wrong,or better still we should just be hopeful.

Because i was considering see my gp.

Thank you,and hope to hear from you soon.

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Unfortunatly sometimes it could take some time to get pregnant as you are only fertile at certain times of the month. Personally I would just keep having fun for the next few months as its unlikely your gp will do anything this early on. You could also buy some ovulation kits to help you know when the best time is.

Try not to stress yourself and take it easy.

Wish you the best of luck x


The that worked 4 us was test when ovulation is an you av regular periods an only have sex on the ovulation days u get 3 days. Try not to av sexy the week b4 an try different positions hope this helps


Ovulation caluclators on the net will pinpoint your fertile days based on the date of the first day of your last period and how many days there is between cycles , if you have a period every 28 days you are most fertile 14 days after the first day of your period if you google ovulation calcultors and input your details you will get the best dates x


It has taken me over a year to fall pregnant so i wouldnt expect anything too soon. If you have been on the pill or any other form of contraception then this may require time to be completely removed from your system, even if you have stopped taking it.

Just enjoy the 'trying' part and try not to dwell on it too much. Last year i missed three periods and was convinced i was pregnant but had no other symptoms, turned out it was stress related, the docs told me to relax and try not to over think everything.

Good Luck x


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