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Faint line clear blue

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Hi, I have been ttc since my miscarriage in December. Tonight I caved and tested early (period not due for another 7 days) I am around 9/10 DPO and a faint line appeared straight away. I inverted the photo as the original is not showing up on camera like It is in person. What are people’s thoughts ?? X

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Clearblue are notorious for indent lines so that could be what you’re seeing on the invert especially if it’s not really showing on the original. Try and wait a few days and test again x

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Sarbear95 in reply to mrsabc

This is it normal ( not inverted ).

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Flora631 in reply to Sarbear95

I see a line…. Fingers crossed for you 🤞❤️

9/10 dpo is really early to test but I see a line! Keep testing the line should get darker as the days go on.

Sending you lots of luck and baby dust.

Hi everyone, I done a digital and it’s good news! Thanks for your replies x

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Seb9 in reply to Sarbear95

Congratulations ❤️

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Pasaeoco01 in reply to Sarbear95

Ah this is a lovely post, congratulations 😊 xx

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