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Is this positive

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I’ve posted another post on here, everyone saying it’s a positive but I want to double check. I will be taking another test next week.

The pictures aren’t the best, zoom in

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Is this positive, I’ve do so many and all been negative not one ever being positive

Looking fo reassurance

Its positive I’m pretty sure I took like 3 tests and they all had the faint line I took a digital test yesterday, and im pregnant

I’ve had so many negatives over a year that’s I’m so scared!! I’ve been told I could be really early as it’s really faint!! I’ve had one positive havent taken any other ones yet going to wait a week!! I hope so.. also congrats!! Xx

Im pretty sure its just early ive read a lot because of how i was scared and its harder to get a false positive than a negative! Its smart to wait a week and see if it darkens or take a digital test, also thank you its just im not personally looking for a pregnancy myself right now 😅

Yeah that’s ok, I’m going to wait as I’ve read that you need to have hcg to be able to get a positive!! So I’ll wait a week and hopefully I’m having a baby!! That’s fine, best of luck to whatever happens☺️

I hope everything goes well for you!! keep me updated for sure!

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