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Fetal Movements

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I’m currently 26 weeks + 5 days. I get movements from my little one everyday, but they’re not as strong as they were. I also still haven’t got a pattern.. A pattern had started to arise and kicks were quite strong- they begun to be early in the morning, a little bit throughout the day and then last thing at night, but now there’s not really a pattern to them. The movements I do get feel like little kicks, a bit more like the ‘bubbles’ and ‘gas’ feeling people describe around 20 weeks.

I have a high left lateral placenta which is unusual but seeing as it’s not on the front it’s unlikely to be effecting how I feel the kicks.

Maybe baby has just moved to a position that feels different now? I’m an over thinker at the best of times so this is really driving me crazy.. it’s hard to know what my gut feeling is on something when I suffer with anxiety that makes me second guess everything.

I guess all I really want to know from other Mum’s and Mum’s to be is, is it quite normal for movements to feel different and for there not really to be a pattern by now?

I should add that I’ve also been experiencing some cramps in tummy over the past couple of days too, nothing major but they’re new and it’s not constant. I’ve also been feeling really tired and emotional, but again, these are INCREDIBLY common in pregnancy so it’s probably nothing.

Thanks in advance ❤️❤️❤️

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It's best you call maternity triage, it's probably nothing, but why risk it? My midwife said to always call with any worry about movements. They may tell you it's normal, they may ask you to come just in case.

I'm 26+3 and it's my first pregnancy, but the movements although different, are getting stronger. Some are like bubbles, but I do get lots of kicks and some are very strong.

Cramps in your tummy might be Braxton Hicks, but again it's best you describe them to your midwife to confirm it's nothing to worry about.

Good luck, I'm sure you'll be fine, but trust me, they want you to call. I've been to triage, it turned out to be nothing bad, but I was told it's good I called and came to check.

Hi Jane! Oh anxiety in pregnancy is awful - I was the worst! It is so hard to trust your gut when all you wonder if something is wrong or if it is the anxiety talking… if you are worried about movements at all please call your local maternity ward/community midwife number. I had to do this a couple of times in my pregnancy and each time the nhs were amazing! Completely reassuring and would rather see you and put your mind at rest - don’t feel like your wasting anyone’s time as that is what they are there for. One midwife told me they would rather see people every day than people wait to be seen with reduced movements. Hope you are ok! X

Oh and just to say I never had a pattern throughout my pregnancy so I found it really hard to monitor movements! This was another factor why I went in a few times… turns out my baby was just lazy and still is now she is here! X

Pop in and get it monitored to put your mind at rest. You're not overreacting and you're not going to be a bother to the staff. A quick ultrasound and a little while on the heart monitor and you'll know everything's ok and you can relax again. Cramps are probably Braxton Hicks at this point, but go in and get it confirmed xxx

Hi Jane, I never had a pattern and was full of anxiety because of it. Like the others have said if your normal doesn’t feel right then contact your medical team. Don’t suffer in silence and get yourself and baby checked over xx

Hi Jane,

I agree with others - best to get checked out at triage.

I'm 31 weeks now and was at triage for the second time yesterday due to reduced movements. They are lovely there and want to see people if you are concerned. I've actually found it reassuring to know that I can get seen quickly if I feel something isn't right. I also haven't found a particularly reliable pattern to movements either...only that usually she will move after I've eaten and usually is more active in the evening...but not always. Little rascals keeping us on our toes!

Sorry I know this is a super delayed reply but I just wanted to thank you all for taking the time to reply to me! Last week after reading all of your replies I decided that it was a good idea to go call triage.

They were so lovely and reassuring and hooked me up to a monitor to listen to baby’s heartbeat and track movements. Of course, baby decided to kick the midwives hand whilst she was putting the straps around me 😂 and then proceeded to kick loads throughout the time I was there!

Thanks again for giving me the push I needed and the confidence not to worry about whether I was being OTT. The midwives also said that if I’m ever in doubt I should ALWAYS call. Xxx

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Glad everything is ok 🙂

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