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13 Weeks and 3 Days - Dating Scan experience

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Hi lovely ladies,

Just wanted to share my experience at the dating scan appointment. Although my letter mentioned I could bring in 1 person for the scan, my husband was not allowed. so that was a bummer. I went in for my scan and I heard a beautiful loud heartbeat, had tears in my eyes and I wish my husband was in the room to share it. The radiologist was quite indifferent , I had to keep asking her questions regarding the scan. I got 3 scan pics where I could barely understand whats happening. I believe the scans at 13 weeks are quite clear, mine wasnt, but Everything seemed normal with the report by God's grace. Then I met with the midwife, who was friendly and very informative - she took blood to test for downs, thallasaemia, etc. Anyone has a first scan at nHS that dint seem clear? Next appointment at16 Weeks is via phone, and then the Anomaly Scan at 20 weeks and after that all meetings I was told would be face to face.

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What does not clear mean?

The 12 week scan is very basic is that they can see a heart beat, measure a nuchal thickness, and the size of baby to determine age. However you won't see organs in detail, which is why you have the 20 week scan.

It must be upsetting that you felt the ultrasonographer was indifferent, but to look at a different perspective it is your exciting moment not hers. The poor woman is probably doing 20-30scans a day, and maybe was having a bad day herself.

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Thats true, I got a good heart rate, CRL and everything seems normal on the paper report, but my scan which I have attached above doesn't seem clear enough for 13 weeks +3 ... don't you think?

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I see what you mean. This picture will only be an instant captured during the scan. Sometimes it can be tricky depending on babys position etc. The important thing is that baby is doing well. I've had variable pics over my pregnancies (currently no. 3,) with some great clear pics but some not so.

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Thanks for this, you are right. all that is important that the baby is doing well :)

Yeah I know what you mean, theres not much to see on the pic there is there. Did you see more on the screen? My 12 week scan was pretty clear and could make out the baby quite well. Sorry youve had a bad experience. I would definitely recommend having a private scan so your partner can go if its something youre in a position to do. We went to window to the womb and they were amazing xx

definately going in for a private scan in a month. Would love for my husband to experience it. Thanks for sharing :)

Hi lovely,

I had a not great experience at my 12 week scan too. I appreciate that it’s a normal day in work for them but the ladies carrying out my scan were also indifferent to the point of being rude. Mine was an ivf pregnancy and I’d had several spells of bleeding beforehand so was very anxious, and they actually rolled their eyes when I mentioned that I was really nervous going in.

Could you see more on the screen? I agree that the photo they’ve given you isn’t great. I feel like some scanners aren’t too interested in providing photos because they’re there to do a medical job, but for you it’s a really precious time! I paid for a private scan (from memory it was about £60) and would recommend that - it would be a good opportunity for your partner to attend and you’d get some better photos.

I will say I went on to have many more nhs scans later in pregnancy due to a slight complication and they were all brilliant so hopefully this was just a blip!

Congratulations and lots of luck for a happy & healthy pregnancy xx

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I agree, some level of pleasantness would have made my day even more awesome. The mid-wife i met immediately after was so sweet and understanding, and they have the same number of patients to see as the lady in Ultrasound... I am so looking forward to a private scan next month... fingers crossed and thank you for the lovely wishes

My 12 week scan wasn’t clear because I have a titled uterus, just happens sometimes but nugget is okay and a good length and what not, just a nightmare to scan xx

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i get a feeling I would be a nervous wreck by the time my little one is due.... trying to enjoy the beautiful things and leaving everything that is uncertain to God :) All the best for your journey too :)

Yeahs I had this a few times with scans with one particular woman but then the next time I went it was a different one and pictures were great and she was really helpful. When I showed her the pictures from previous she wasn’t surprised and has heard loads of people complaining about this other lady! Long and short of it ...... some people are just better at their jobs and others aren’t! Most radiologists work different days so when you get the letter in for next scan see if you can change the day to get a different one 👍🏻 After I mentioned it the nice radiologist added me to her list so I didn’t see the other one again!

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Thats a great idea. Will ensure I won't go on the same day and if I like someone ill definitely ask them to bring me in to her list :) thanks for the suggestion Hidden

Your scan picture isn't clear - it's as bad as mine at 13+4w! The written scan report should be clear though. It's a very basic scan though because bubbys are so tiny at that age. 20 weeks are a lot more in depth :)

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Yes I agree.... the report was very clear fortunately. I'll wait for my next scan and hope for a better experience and clarity :)

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