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Dinner ideas


Can someone help.

I’m fed up of given my LG the same foods. She will eat or try anything you put in front of her, but she’s not a big meat eater.

She used too love her veg, but lately hasn’t been eating them (which is fine, as the weather is hot and we don’t wanna eat much anyway)

She loves fish, sausages, pinwheels and will demolish pasta bake, but I want some different options.

I’ve tried doing like bubble n squeak with her, she tried it and spat out 🙈🙄

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I’m watching with interest as I’m struggling to come up with different meals. I’ve made a mild chilli and a mild chicken curry which he loves, oh and fish fingers (not homemade). Chicken or beef casserole are still a hit too. I just chuck as much vegetables as I can into his meals as he’s not keen on eating them on their own. Omelette is good too. Xx

Annh17 in reply to Noobs

I’m fed up with the dinners we have 😂 she won’t eat mince, tried a curry and she was up all night 🙄 so we avoiding curry for a while 🙈

Couscous is a good 1, she loves that and can eat cheese like there’s no tomorrow.

She comes out in a rash when eats eggs, so have to be careful, but will try again soon.

She loves her fruit and olives lol xx

Noobs in reply to Annh17

It’s so hard isn’t it. My lb sometimes has broccoli, cauliflower and cheese sauce as he also loves cheese. And he can’t get enough fruit. I’ve been trying sweet potato mash with chicken and peas. He spits it out so far😂xx

Annh17 in reply to Noobs

It’s really hard, if I’m fed up she must be. I’m gonna do the broccoli cauliflower and cheese sauce, I’m sure she will love that. She would be happy with pasta bake and garlic bread every day 😂 x

Oh and cous cous with vegetables and a sprinkling of cheese😃x

I made some turkey and grated apple burgers for my daughter and she is enjoying those, they're really tasty.

She also loves spaghetti bolognaise, and fish pie

Mostly I'm just giving her what I'm having just adapted to her a little bit.

I know exactly what you mean it’s so difficult. I’d like to know how much in terms of portions do everyone’s child eats. I feel like my lb doesn’t eat enough. You know some babies will just grab food at the sight of it... he doesn’t seem interested.... only when we sit down to dinner. Also... he’s 15 months and hasn’t said mama properly.... if at all....

Annh17 in reply to destiny121

My little girl can eat and eat,

breakfast 8ish- ready brek/weetabix, banana, handful of Cheerios

11.30- grapes

Lunch 12/12.30 hit and miss, peanut butter/marmite sandwich, cheese, crisps, biscuit

Snack 4.30, apple and cucumber, breadstick

Dinner 5.30/5.45- can be anything, this is a weekly thing, sausages, fish fingers/fish cakes, pinwheels, veg, roast spuds, waffles, beans, pasta bake, garlic bread, yogurt and strawberries.

If she’s at her grandparents she will probably eat more as she eats all her lunch there and some of theirs, but when she’s with us she will probably eat 1/2

What does your lb eat?

destiny121 in reply to Annh17

Ohh wow she’s a little eater. Do you give her any bottles... maybe I need to stop that now. He’ll have:

7.30- 7oz bottle

9am- weetabix/readybrek with banana

11.30- yoghurt or smoothie

1pm- lunch


2.30- bottle


6pm- dinner- spaghetti/mash potato with meat and veg/ pasta etc and perhaps yoghurt

7.30- bottle and bed

He’s 15 months.... do you think I need to change anything?

Annh17 in reply to destiny121

She stopped drinking milk at 9 months, she will drink water like there’s no tomorrow. She still has a morning and afternoon nap, she still needs the morning nap, but I’m sure she will tell me when she doesn’t.

I’m no expect, but I don’t think you need too change anything, he sounds like he’s eating enough, my LG is just a piggy lol. x

I really wouldn't worry, as long as he is growing well. My LG eats well but has never been one to get impatient for the next bit, and hardly ever shows signs of being really hungry until I offer her food and she gobbles it up! My only observation is that as he has lunch at 1pm, maybe you could cut out the afternoon bottle and just give a snack - he may eat more at dinner that way. I still give my daughter milk in the day when she's not at nursery. She has lunch at 11.30am, then some milk before her nap around 12pm, a snack around 3pm and dinner at 5pm. But if prefers his milk, maybe cut of the snack and give slightly less milk. Today, my daughter asked for some milk around 10.45am - I gave it to her, which I don't normally do, and lo and behold she barely touched her lunch, so it definitely fills them up. Xx

Awwwe thanks for the advice and I like the idea of him having lunch at around 11.30am.... sometimes I wonder whether his lunch is too late..... will try this out and see. 😊😊

If your schedule works for you then no need to change it unless you want to, of course. You can always go back to what you were doing before it if doesn't work out. Also, a good tip I was told was to look at their food intake over a week rather than a day - some days they'll eat more than others, but it usually evens out over the week. X

Hey lovely.... I cut it his afternoon bottle and he ate way more today... Thk you 😘

MissEd in reply to destiny121

My lo is 17 month and he has a 7oz bottle when he wakes up and 7oz at bedtime as well as 3 meals and 2 snacks. The last 4 day's he has been really funny with his food and he is normally a great eater

They go through stages.

Annh17 in reply to MissEd

They certainly do go through stages, as long as they are drinking and eating something x

Oh that's great news! Xx

Noobs in reply to destiny121

My lb is turning 14 months and doesn’t say mama either. He babbles loads but nothing that makes sense yet. I’d say he has been later in doing everything. I think Lockdown hasn’t helped his development, although we’re keeping him as stimulated as we can.x

destiny121 in reply to Noobs

I totally agree... it’s hard to stimulate him being locked down and also when I read to him he just tears up the book. He babbles loads but nothing yet.

Noobs in reply to destiny121

Babbling is good so I wouldn’t worry. I used to get stressed thinking he was so far behind other babies but he’s just doing everything in his own time. I’ve bought quite a few wooden books for that exact reason😂x

Annh17 in reply to Noobs

It is very hard being in lockdown, we just gotta do our best. I wouldn’t worry too much, every baby is different and will do it in their own time, have you spoken to HV? x

MissEd in reply to destiny121

My little boy is 17 months and says about 30 words clearly, but not mama! Lol (first word at 10 months but didnt crawl till 11 months or walk till 15 months!)

I second turkey burgers, or salmon burgers if she isn't a big meat eater. Lentil bolognaise, chickpea and spinach stew by SR Nutrition (online), salmon fillet with wedges and salad or veg, anything in puff pastry, homemade pizza (dough is literally 4 heaped tablespoon of self raising flour and 2 heaped tablespoons of yoghurt). Check out what mummy makes - she's got a cookbook out next month. Her recipes are brilliant - uncomplicated and mostly quick. The pizza recipe is hers and it's brilliant.

Also check out weanin in 15 that’s really good. I feed my little one all sorts of things. For breakfast she has oats but I put different fresh or frozen fruit in it plus add different but butters if she’s not having it during day, ground seeds goji berries sunflower seeds etc just mix it up regularly also make her oat based pancakes and I put all sorts of goodness in those (weanin 15 for basic idea then add what want) overnight oats. Coconut yogurt and fruit can be a good one, I gave my daughter paneer curry last night at first she wasn’t sure but once to fed herself she really took to it but sooooo much mess!!! A nice one is broccoli croquettes it’s broccoli (steam first) egg (can use alt if allergic) cheese breadcrumbs all mixed together squish into balls and put in oven for about 15 min u can do this with salmon etc as well. Tonight my LG will have mackeral sweet potato mash and broccoli if this helps x

I made cauliflower and broccoli cheese patties last night, she didn’t like 🙄😂 but will try again. I have froze some cauliflower cheese aswell, I’m sure she will love it as she loves cheese. Might just take a few attempts x

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