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very faint positive line

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Hi , I'm really unsure of the result! IHowever I have noticed a very faint positive line, could this mean I am pregnant but the HCG is too low, or could it be false?

I've attached a photo and I'm convinced I can see a faint line (it's stronger on the left side of the vertical line and hard to capture with a camera)

and I've been having small cramping pains for the past 3 days. Any advice would be really appreciated!

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I can see a faint line, maybe try testing again in a few days as your HCG maybe higher x

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Tania20 in reply to Woo19

Thanks x

My first test my line was so faint, I actually left the test for a couple of hours and it did come stronger. Definitely do a couple more tests this week, and always use your first urine of the morning xx

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Tania20 in reply to Purplemum2b

Thanks xx

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Purplemum2b in reply to Tania20

No problem. Fingers crossed for you. Xx

Hard to say, clear blue/blue dye tests are notorious for running. Pink dye tests are always recommended. Try using first response early detection they test at a much more sensitive level! And have been recommended as a top test. I can see a line, did you read it within the reading period? Any results after 10 mins should be discarded. I do see a line for sure.

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Tania20 in reply to IMDb

Yes i do , thanks xx

Im not sure, I had a few like this whilst trying. I switched to digital to save the confusion x

I would say positive. Congratulations

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Tania20 in reply to mariyas

Thanks xx

It’s very faint. Retest first thing in the morning to get the best results. Yes, hcg take time to build up. You may be looking at a positive pregnancy test ! Blessings

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Tania20 in reply to Happy2477

Thanks xx

It's there slightly. So test again in a few days. Don't read the test after 5 minutes. Clearly states that on the instruction leaflet.

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Tania20 in reply to Carlym81uk

Thanks xx

I did a test on Christmas day and it was so faint that we wasn't sure it was even there, after a few minutes the line disappeared completely! So we was confused and sure that it was just our eyes playing tricks on us.... anyway I'm now 19 weeks pregnant! If there's a line, no matter how faint, you're pregnant!! Congratulations!

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Tania20 in reply to EJThompson2

Thanks xx

Did you still have cramping and fell pain like become period or ur in period

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IMDb in reply to Tania20

Yes, I had it all the way through pregnancy roughly the time I would usually come on my period x

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EJThompson2 in reply to Tania20

Yes! I was convinced I was going to start my period for the first 3 months, even now at 19 weeks I get aches and pains x

I can c the line ! Yes ur pregnant

Tania20 is there any update in regards to a new test!!! Been thinking of you thats all!

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Tania20 in reply to Blossoming19

Aw thank you sweeti , I haven’t yet but i will to it soon.

Any updates? I've been thinking about you. And regarding the cramps you've mentioned, for the first 6 weeks I had cramps, and was convinced I was going to come on. 🤞🤞 x

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