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4 month old baby and pregnant again 🤦


I have. Just found out I am pregnant aflgain not long after having my baby. It's exciting and confusing times. Does anybody know how maternity allowance will work for baby two? I have a full time contract at my work but will only be back for about 12 weeks. Will I be entitled to maternity allowance? I have looked on gov website but not very clear.

Thanks in advance

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Congratulations. I think you have to be back at work for 26 weeks before being allowed maternity pay again but not 100% x

Littlebean1992 in reply to Hidden

Thabkyou!! That's what I thought 😕 might have to see if I can get a phone number for maternity to clarify. Thanks for responding 😊

Don't forget though, if your not entitled to stat maternity pay then maternity allowance would probably be an option x

I'm on maternity allowance with this one as I'm not entitled to stay but not sure if I would be entitled to maternity allowance again having another baby so soon?

Your still under contract? So still classed as employed. Mat allowance isn't employed by one employer for 26 weeks, it's 26 weeks of employment. So you should still be entitled x

Yer I have a full time contract. That's great. Thankyou for clarifying. I thought you had to actually be at work for 26 weeks

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