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Not sure which end blood is from....35 weeks pregnant


Sorry for the blunt description. So basically, in the morning I went for a number 2 and there was blood because was hard. So In the afternoon I went for a wee and I saw blood in the Tolite bowl so I wiped my front no blood then wiped my back and was blood. So I’m figuring out that it must of been blood from the morning sitiuation. I just wanted more opinions.

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We cannot really know. It might be a ruptured blood vessel around your anus or it could be more serious. If in doubt call nhs111, they will asses your situation and advise you what to do next.

You should get this checked out ASAP. Blood isn’t a good sign in any stage of pregnancy.

A lot of pregnant women have piles, and they tear a little sometimes if constipated so it may be that simple. Nevertheless get an opinion from your Dr. or midwife.......good luck.

Next time put look roll up your anus and in vagina to work out where it is coming from (not too far in though) x

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