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Depression after loss


Hi guys,

So in February this year I sadly had a miscarriage and end of April beginning of May I had to have an abortion due to many problems with the baby.

I am now really struggling with coming to terms on what’s happened, and finding it really hard.

I’ve had previous history of depression and recently been diagnosed again with it, i have been signed off work for a week. But wondering if it’s best taking next week as well. I am just wanting a bit of help, support and advice on what’s best thing to do and how to overcome everything.


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Hey hun.

I feel bad for not checking up on you! You can always text me! You made that decision because you thought it was best for you and the baby.

If you're struggling then take another week off. Better to make sure you're ready than to go work too soon and for it to make you worse.

We always say at work, they won't think any better of you for going back too soon. You always have to think about number one (you).

Always here if you need me! xxxxx


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