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So I'll be 31 weeks pregnant Thursday and after 32 weeks they have me coming in 2 times a week for stress test and bpp because my baby is underweight apparently and they may induce me early....however I been having sciatic nerve hurting really bad and just last night my upper thighs and vagina has been really hurting to walk. It feels really sore and it hurts to even get out of bed....I'm miserable and advice? It's been like this for almost 12 hrs now.

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Also I have low fluid and low iron!!!!


Hi Lindsey. I would suggest gentle exercise to help with the pain. There are some good videos on YouTube specifically for sciatica. Also baths are really helpful for easing pain. Are you on prescribed iron tablets? There is natural iron water you can buy called Spatone. This absorbs better in the body and is kinder to the tummy than the tablets. You can get it from Boots, Superdrug and Tesco. I used to take 2 sachets with 1 or 2 iron tablets in a glass of orange juice. My iron levels really improved. You may want to speak to your Midwife about dosage as everyone is different x

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