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My rainbow baby is here!

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My first pregnancy ended in miscarriage and I never thought I'd have a baby.. she is here now, overdue and 7lb :)

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Congratulations hun. I had three losses before my girl she, weighed 7lbs too and, was overdue. That was four years ago. Congratulations hun. Enjoy every moment 💗💗🤗😘

Congrats!! I'm sure you are ecstatic!

Aw congratulations on your over due rainbow baby and a nice healthy size. I too is awaiting for my rainbow baby to happen as I lost my two in August. All the best and hope you love being a mummy xx

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Georgina_D in reply to Sisi14

Awwww thanks sending you love xx

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Your very welcome and thank you xx

congratulations Georgina_D

Lovely news. Congratulations xxx

Congratulations xx

Congratulations hun. So glad you got your happy ending. It's always hard after a loss, my little girl was born asleep at 39 weeks. I got my rainbow little boy. Enjoy every minute with your little girl hun. Wonderful news. Take care x

Congratulations! So happy for you! x

So happy for you! Enjoy your little bundle! They grow way too fast / so enjoy little cuddles now!x

Congratulations 😍

What's a rainbow baby?

It's the termed used for a healthy baby born after miscarriages etc


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