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I Am a very concerned potential pregnant woman

I don't know what else to do, I took 2 pregnancy tests both positive and my midwife confirmed I'm pregnant but not sure how far since its too early to tell, they did a ultrasound but saw nothing even tho they said my uterus is showing strong signs of pregnancy they aren't 100% positive its a successful pregnancy I have to do more blood work in two days and I got another midwife appointment Monday(1week) but I am bleeding at first it was just light brown spotting then a little red and then today darker color. They can't give me answers til Monday but I am very paranoid this may be a ectopic pregnancy or a miscarriage or something. I have had a miscarriage last year BTW I am feeling a little pain now in my right backside

Can someone give me input on what they think since I can't see a doctor at the moment

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The only thing I can suggest to you if your trying to calculate your pregnancy weeks or estimate is to buy a clear blue one that tells you your weeks but make sure it’s your first wee of the day and what ever weeks it says on there like 2 weeks it means 4 weeks ! I hope that helps Hunni and I pray for the best positive outcome for you! I had a miscarriage in August and it’s heartbreaking! I know it’s easier said than done just try and take it easy every day til you know more. Please let me know how you get on or need to chat /rant xx

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