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If you are reading this, then you have probably decided that now is your time. There is no better

time than now, so go for it. If you have decided then stick with it, do not put it off any longer, you

will succeed, you will lose the weight if you stay determined, focused and motivated. You are

stronger than you think, yes you are and our bodies are amazing as they are made to respond to

whatever we do. You will get there with my help if you believe in yourself and realise that this is one

of the most important decision that will affect your future and the lives of those around you.

I will go through what I did to achieve my goal which was to lose 8 kg in 8 weeks while chasing a

toddler and being a hands on Mum to four beautiful girls.

I set realistic goals for myself so that I dont fail, failure is not an option

I stayed focused, determined and motivated

I stopped using all kinds of excuses to reach my goal for example I stopped using the “No time excuse”, oh my kids keep me too busy, too much house work, extra.

We all have 24 hours in a day and if some can fit it in all then you too can. Excuses do not get you the body that you want but help to keep you from achieving your goals. And stay in the same unproductive state.

I reduced my portion size and stopped eating baby Left overs as at the end of the day it all adds up, If you are a breast feeding Mum then please do not reduce your portion size until you stop. It is not good for you and your baby. I waited to finish breastfeeding my baby, exercise at any time after having the baby if your Doctor has given you a go ahead.

I started eating more fruits and vegetables as I have always bought them but was not a big fan, now I did subscribe to them as they are very low in calories, well if eaten in moderate portions!

I decided to put words into actions, actions speak louder than word. At least five fruits or veg a day, ensuring that your meal is half veg, you can make it interesting by adding a small amount of your favourite sauce. Yes! they can be interesting if you change your mind set. I never knew that a plate of carrots, broccoli, cauliflower and peas can be tasty, remember that Life is what you make it to be.

We program ourselves to think a certain way and refuse to change our mind set that is the real reason we set ourselves up to fail. Loosing weight is 80 % what you eat and 20% exercise so if you are going to continue with the big massive portions of anything and everything, you can stop here as you are not ready yet. Readiness involves and includes allowing and accepting yourself to change and try a different way.

I started exercising regularly using realistic means, using the stairs at any given opportunity, using dumbbells, stationary bike and walking instead of driving, on spot jogging This has to be consistent too at least 5 out of 7 days a week. If you miss a day or two for some reason, then do not stop but go back and start where you stopped.

Increase your water intake as this is also important to keep you hydrated, flush out any toxins, helps with digestion and elimination e.t.c

If you are a Mum then you need to plan well, keep the children entertained and get them to join in where possible and safe of course.

Remember the reason you are doing this whether it is partly for you, your family, your health any

other reason you may have, keep it in mind and always remember it and put a picture next to you to

motivate you of whatever you want. Being healthy is everything, Regular exercise helps to improves

your muscular and cardio respiratory fitness, reduce the risk of getting conditions like high blood

pressure, Diabetes by up to 50 % and improves your mood. If you want to get the good feel

hormones called Endorphins, then include exercise in your life.

Whatever your reason is;

Loosing baby weight and get your body back

If you want to lose weight to improve your health, whatever your reason is, start by believing that you can, that way you will be half way there.

So many others can and so can you, you can do it. Set a goal of how much weight you want to lose, make realistic goals as you don’t want to fail before you even start.

Reduce your portion size, do not skip meals, eat a well-balanced diet as much as you can.

Reduce sugar or eliminate added sugar and reduce salt

Increase your water intake

Supplement if you can too

Exercise regularly, anything is better than nothing, however half an hour to 45 minutes a day, is a good start.

Use the internet, there is lots of videos of different Exercises which you may find helpful

Be consistent, focus, stay positive, make time, and stay motivated.

Remember conquer your mind and get your results and Lastly but not least put in the work, there is no magic to it. Good luck and keep going, never give up.

Consult your Doctor if you have any chronic Illness, are overweight, obese or on any medications before starting to lose weight. I am a new blogger and have been on here since 2014 under the name Sumariamira.

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