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When should i go to the doctors to say im pregnant

Hi all just wondering should i go tell tell the doc that im pregnant i have known im pregnant now for about a week but dont want to tell the doc as last time i lost baby no 5 at about 6 weeks but was nearly 11 weeks when i misscarried and is worried i would loose it agian so i jioned this site for help i know i should already know what to do as ive got 4 children already and really like to just talk someone please

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Hi Gem. I had the same issue. I was pregnant and I knew early and went to see the doctor straight away but then ended up miscarrying. The next time I left it until seven weeks but then it meant but booking appointment was at ten weeks instead of eight! Everything was fine in the end. Unfortunately, if something is going to happen, it will either way! I know it's hard not to worry after a miscarriage but it's likely that things will be fine this time!

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Thank you for your reply i will try and get a doctors appiontment soon but every time i phone up thay say they are fully booked so will keep on otherwise it defo be after christmas x


Def call in and schedule appt as soon as possible. My doctor actually called me after I was trying to arrange an appointment and sounded very relaxed saying that there is no immediate rush but then - I missed the Down Syndrome scan (should be done no later than 14 weeks) since my dating scan was too late to take the measurements! so do put pressure on them to schedule you in for a dating scan. Your GP doesn't actually do much so you don't need an appointment with him. GP wouldn't even refer you to do the blood test to confirm your pregnancy!


Hi gem, I understand your concern, however I would advise you to ring your surgery and ask for an app with the midwife. There is no need to see gp. Your midwife can do as little or all of the initial 'booking' on your first visit which enables the first scan/screening to be arranged and bloods obtained. It is a good opportunity to talk with her about your concerns. A further appt can be made to complete the 'booking' a week or two later.

Take care and hope all goes well.


Hi all thank you for all your replys i have now seen the doctor and now waiting for an appointment to see midwife they do want to see me till 8 weeks gone to do bookings and all that agian thank you


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