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scared of miscarrying :(

I found out I was pregnant last week I am 4+5. I had an early scan on Tuesday to find out I was expecting twins. But the first sac was 12mm & the second one was 6mm.

They did not think the small sac would progress. They took bloods to check my HCG Levels & they came back at 8321.

This morning they took more blood to check them & they have only gone up to 10826

They said they want to re-scan on Saturday morning, to see if they can see the yolk sac in the larger sac but they are almost certain they will see nothing in the small sac.

They said if they can not see the yolk sac in the larger sac on Saturday they will assume that the pregnancy is failing.

Just wondered if anyone else has or is going through something similar & what the outcome was.

Right now I am so scared this will fail :( x

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hiya - i understand that they are not hopeful about the smaller sac, however do they actually have any reason to believe that they won't see a yolk sac in the larger one? Also what was the reason that you went for an early scan - were you unsure if you were pregnant or not know how far along you were? There will be many people who may have had two eggs fertilised and implanted and then lost one without knowing anything about it, since most of us don't get scanned until 12 weeks (if you are in the uk). I don't expect this to make it any easier for you but what I am saying is that 'vanishing twin' is quite a common occurrence and doesn't necessarily mean that the other emobryo is at risk. fingers crossed for you x


HI hun - I am in the UK the reason why they are concerned that they will not see a yolk sac is because of my history. My last 3 pregnancies ended in 2 MC & an Ectopic. That is also the reason they sent me for an early scan because they wanted to rule out an ectopic. No i knew how far along i was, i think they are just being cautious. Thank you for your comment hun i really appreciate it :) x


oh I see, i'm very sorry to hear about what you've been through so far. Well I still think that it sounds as though we can hopeful of the larger one having a fighting chance. I hope things go smoothly for you this time :) xx


I hope so hun thank you! :) xxx


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