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Pregnancy symptoms and period?

About 1 1/2 to 2 weeks before the day I was supposed to get my period I started having what I thought were symptoms of pregnancy. I was nauseated, major headache, swollen gums, metal mouth and fatigue. I took a pregnancy test about 6 days before my period, negative. Took another one 4 days before, negative again. Took a last one today (the day I was gonna get my period) and still negative. A few hours later, my period came down, not as heavy as usual, but with cramping much much worse than ever!! Can I still be pregnant?

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Just check your periods how far they take you, then u will take it from there


I will, thank you


Probably not ...period symptoms or so much like pregnancy symptoms it can really confuse you..good luck

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Thank you


Doesn't sound like it.

You had the symptoms about 1 & a half to 2 weeks before your period was due - so too early for it to be pregnancy symptoms. BUT, annoyingly, ovulation can also cause those symptoms (as well as 'PMS' and pregnancy).

It sounds like the symptoms were ovulation symptoms.


Were you pregnant after all? Similar symptoms here. Negative blood and urine test. First day of last period Jan.2nd. Pregnancy symptoms but bleeding moderately. Not due to have period til Feb. 2nd.


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