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Ladies, how soon in pregnancy did you first feel baby kick??

Hi ladies, I'm currently pregnant with my second baby, I am only 10 weeks gone but I could swear I've felt the baby kick me a few times this week? I know the difference between gas, stomach pains etc and baby kicks as I've had a baby before but how can I feel the baby this soon? With my first baby I felt him kick at 16weeks. Please give me your experiences ladies Xx

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I didn't feel kicking that early but I felt bubbles and flutters at 10 weeks when I was pregnant with my son. X

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It is known to feel "flutter" like movements much earlier on multiple pregnancies as your classed as mentally prepared to feel something.

I remember feeling slight stroking like movements at about 10-11wks with my 2nd pregnancy last year.


I felt the slight movements at 12 weeks, baby number 4, and the movements have become more frequent and recognisable, now 15 weeks. Apparently you can feel movements very early on after the first baby. so second and subsequent. It feels re-assuring when you can feel something as you know that all is well.


I'm 11weeks +2days and I have just posted a post about this I keep feeling like fluttering movements this is also my second baby but as my first baby is nearly four I can't remember when I felt him move I know it was late on I have also had a lot of gas but it's calmed down and then past couple of days I have felt this fluttering don't want to get my hopes up tho! But it is exciting xxxxx


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