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Positive antibodies in blood

Hi everyone, I haven't been on here in a while. So I had my bloods done at 12wks and I thought all was fine as mw didn't take blood at 16wks, then out of the blue she turned up at my house a few days ago and told me I have positive antibodies in my blood and that I must go and get my blood taken every 2weeks and also carry a medical card on me at all times . She also said its nothing to worry about unless the levels in my blood rise that's why they need to keep an eye on me.

Now I've got my 20 wk scan tomorrow , I just hope everything is ok, I'm a bit worried .

So I would like to ask if anyone has had these antibodies in their pregnancy and how it went for them . Xxx.

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What antibodies are they? Is your blood Rhesus negative? If so, then they will need to give you the anti-D injection in case your baby is Rhesus positive as you can produce antibodies if yours and baby's blood get mixed, for example, if you have any bleeding during pregnancy. Try not to worry. My sister is A- and had several bleeds during her last pregnancy and has a healthy, happy, very lively little boy.

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I would ask your midwife for more information. I was rhesus negative, so just needed the anti d to stop my body from attacking my baby should our bloods mix and if he wasn't negative, so had that and my boy is healthy. I also had my blood results that said I had rubella antibodies, but that is a good thing to have.


Thanks mummy panda and mrsb. I spoke to my consultant today and he explained it more, just like you said about about mine and baby's blood getting mixed and it's not as bad as what I was thinking.

Feeling a lot more relaxed today now that I know more about it and all is good with baby, thanks for your replys.


Glad they could put your mind at rest a bit. X


Why have they just not given you you anti d, sorry Hun seems like you were needlessly worried, now you can relax a bit I hope, I had to have an anti d injection or two and that was that no worries xxx


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