I'm just 5 weeks pregnant - my period was due last Monday and I feel like my period is coming -

Its not painful and there is no blood but as I have never been pregnant before I don't know what is normal and what isn't. Im very scared im going to lose the baby :(

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As far as I can remember I was convinced my period was coming and that what I was feeling was it starting during early pregnancy, cramps is your womb stretching & preparing & was constantly bloated & tender, it sounds pretty normal to me so try & relax and take care of yourself & take it easy and congrats x

Hi hun congratulations! I had the feelings of my period coming during early pregnancy. In fact I think it is very common. If you get bleeding or pain seek medical advice but mild period type cramps are normal its everything stretching and settling down xx

Thanks so much. I did speak with my GP who did advise some women experience this and could just be my womb reacting to the changes, but that it could possibly mean a m/c but as im still so early its a waiting game. However upto now no bleeding and it has reassured me that others have felt this too so I'm hoping my little bean is going to stick xx

Hey there, and congratulations! When I was 5 weeks pregnant I had exactly the same signs and symptoms that you've described...to the point that I didn't realise I was pregnant! I still get the occasional period type pains now (I'm 25 weeks), and now I'm more used to it being 'normal' for my pregnancy. X

This is quite normal, your body is confused. I always felt I was going to come on and was scared to go to the loo just in case I saw blood. Just take it easy and try not to stress about it to much.

Hey, congrats! I had similar pains whilst waiting for my period to arrive... Well I kept waiting as it never did arrive! Like the other ladies, I still get these pains occasionally (I'm nearly 12 weeks) and it can be scary when you don't always have many other symptoms early on. The pains were eventually what prompted me to do a test and I was 4 weeks at that point. It's just your body trying to get used to all the hormones and also stretching and growing to make room to accommodate a little one. If there's any bleeding, see your GP straight away, but otherwise all should be fine, so relax and your booking in appointment will be there before you know it, and then a few weeks later - your scan! I know it feels like ages away, but relax and enjoy the experience :-) good luck xx

I had the same in the early weeks. Mentioned it to my GP when went to she him to be referred to the midwives-he said not to worry unless start bleeding or pain gets severe. Sounds all pretty normal :-). Good luck

Thank you so much everyone. I was really starting to panic and you have reassured me :) xx

Hey, you will experience some pains. If you are really worried then speak to your gp? Are you getting any other symptoms?

And I've had pains similar to period pains with both of my pregnancies, and my midwife told me it is normal to get these pains each month around the time your periods are due!

Hi, mostly just cramping and back ache - I was getting head aches and pains in my ribs but these have passed. I did speak to my GP but she advised it is too early to tell and that it could just be my ligaments adjusting but to call back if any bleeding etc. Im hoping its just my body reacting to the hormones. I have never been pregnant before so was expecting morning sickness and sore boobs x

Hey congratulations on your pregnancy. Initially I had the usual period like symptoms with cramps in my abdomen and legs but they settled down after 6-7 weeks. No sign of bleeding is reassuring, just relax and enjoy the feeling. For me the morning sickness kicked in only between 6-7 weeks but every pregnancy is different.....congratulations once again :-)

thats normal hun so dont worry alot of women have this x

Oh, I think it's just cramps. Cramps are one of the early pregnancy symptoms and they're not dangerous. Surely not when you're 5 weeks pregnant: motherhow.com/5-weeks-pregn...

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