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Stretch and sweeps - do they work?


Hi girls, I'm 38 + 2. Having a sweep on Monday, because I'm being induced on Wednesday when I'll be 39 weeks due to obstetric cholestatsis. Just wondering if the stretch and sweep has worked for anyone? Babies head is 3 5ths engaged.

Thanks for any help and advice :) xxx

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I personally don't know anyone who has had an effective membrane sweep or stretch, but everybody's different & it could well work for you.

I believe the whole idea of a " sweep" is to wipe away any of the mucus plug which may be stopping the baby's head from descending but if the baby is already 3/5 ths engaged it sounds as if he/ she is moving in the right direction & labour is not far off.


My sister had a sweep at 40+4 weeks and it worked for her, she went into labour and gave birth. My cousin had two sweeps before her labour started. It depends on whether the baby is ready. I think the sweeps are also for the midwife to gauge how ready baby is, as they can feel if your cervix is at all dilated/how dilated it is. Do lots of bouncing on a birthing ball if you can, that will help baby get in position.

It may or may not work for you, but don't worry about it, just relax and remember you'll be meeting your baby soon and it won't matter how the birth went as long as both of you are safe and well. All the best.


I know a girl who wasn't having any signs of labour and no twinges. She had the sweep on her due date and little one came the next day! I didn't have one because it looked like my LO was coming on her due date, she came 17 days later! And I now

Wish I had one :-)

Thanks girls. I've been in hospital with tightening pains at 35 weeks. They thought baby was going to be born so had the steroid injections. But they didn't turn into proper contractions but I was 1 cm dilated (I know that's not much at all) so I am hoping that the sweep will work. Xx

They have never really worked for me but I think that they tend to work for women who are close to labour anyway and as they are offered at 40 weeks and all of mine have been destined to be late (currently +9 with no.5) any that I have had have probably been too early. My sister swears by them as two of hers were born the day after one. I think that if you have seen signs that your baby might be born early anyway then it is most definitely worth a shot!

I had a sweep with my first + two days later I had him I was 10 days late. With my second I had three of them + had her 4 days later. I was 10 days late. Good luck hope everythink goes ok for you.

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