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Help getting a baby to take a bottle!!!

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My baby is 4mnths old and ebf and for the last 2mnths I have been trying to get her to take a bottle.I have tried so many different bottles n teats and cant afford 2 keep buying more! I have tried leaving her with someone else for few hours and getting them to try nothing works she just screams till i give in. The health visitor has told me to just not give her the breast for a whole day ideally leaving her with someone else I dnt have anyone that can do this but am trying today only offering bottle and getting no where I am still holding out even thou it is so so hard as she is getting realy upset with me she has missed he 7.30am and 10.30am feed n just wont take the bottle any advise would be great fully received x

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I am also EBF and no experience really of bottles however have you tried a sippy cup? The Tommee Tippee 4m+ with no valve is the one I have when start giving liquids that way x

My LO is now 14 wks old & i started combining her feeds with breast & bottle about 3 & a half wks ago now.

the best advice I'd say is to just keep persevering with her as babies can be very stubborn "especially with us mothers", but when i decided to start combining my daughter was clearly showing me signs she was hungry but didnt want the bottle at first, but as time went on she started drinking just 3 Oz which im happy with.


My baby wont take a bottle he is now almost 9mths he used to get very upset and inconsolable that in the end I decided it wasnt worth it and just gave him a cup of water when I started weaning at 6mths xx

I have no experience with this as I'm expecting my first but I've heard having some of the milk on the teat so they can smell and taste it before sucking can help. Is it expressed breast milk you are trying to feed since she will definitely recognise it? And like you've said it sounds like a good idea not to be around when she is offered the bottle because she will know the breast is there and available haha xx

I'm in exactly the same situation however my little one is almost 6 weeks and won't take a bottle nor dummy and sometimes I need a break. I can't just leave her screaming either. I hope your little one manages to take one soon x

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My lo never took a dummy I tried for ages as thought that might help with the bottle! :( ino how u feel I haven't had a single night off in over 4mnths n even getting my hair cut has 2 be don round feeds soon as she takes the bottle hubby is in trouble I am having a full night sleep with a lay in! Sounds like luxury haha good luck :)

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I'm exactly the same my 4mnth old has never taken a dummy and will make herself vomit when I try her on a bottle, I have had 5 hours away from her since she was born so am ready for a little time away, haha. I have started to give her solids and mixed it with formula milk, she also loves chocolate buttons (I know she shouldn't have them) so am going to try a little melted chocolate on the end of the bottle and see if she takes it. If not, its try with a tommy tippie cup!! Good luck I know how you feel fingers crossed x

Good luck to u aswel x

This is something I have struggled with for a number of months with my 22 week old ds resulting in me only having a break of 1.5 hours break since he was born. We tried everything from different teats, , missing out a feed to my husband wearing something that smelt of me . eventually we decided to try a pre made forumla bottle which he accepted immediately, all his other feeds are bf but at least we know that if I need to be somewhere we have options and daddy can now feed his boy.

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