7 months old

7 months old

So wow... 7 months where did that go. Louis and me are doing great. We travelled back home 7 hr flight went really well he was so well behaved. Seems like he is a little charmer always smiling at the ladies. :-)

.... He is still breastfeeding we have started to offer food but no mashing or purifying I'm just baby led weaning.

7.30 bedtime till around 6.30am. He's not crawling but can easily pivot around. Lol.

No teeth as yet not even teething at all. He's still very fussy with his sleep during the day and dosnt go down for naps. He does have a little hr in the morning though.

He is just a pleasant little chap. And I'm so glad we decided to try for our third baby..

I'm really enjoying our time together the 5 year gap is the best.

I do hope all you mummy's and baby's are keeping well. Would be lovely to hear back from you all. Xx

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Ahh bless him..tht has gone quick. He looks a cheeky chap. I wish my Finley who's 5 months wasn't teething..he has cut a tooth and bf him hurts now amd again lol.

I am glad things are going well for you..its nice to hear positive stories xx

Hats off to you Hun BF whilst cutting teeth ... I thought this will be my cut off but I willing to give it ago so long as no biting. :-) 5 months wow he has grown so much he looks the little happy chap. 2013 was year of boys I think :-) lovely to hear from you .. Keep well x

Hello!! Wow he looks so grown up!! Can't believe these boys have got to 7 months so quickly!

Hugo has solids 3x per day. Porridge on a morning, home made veg puree in the afternoon and baby rice late afternoon! Also sleeping through 7pm - 7am! Bliss!! :)

We have a few teeth coming but they don't really bother him! He is crawling around all over the place, keeping me on my toes! And just this weekend mastered sitting up for a long time with a straight back, rather then bending over a bit like in the pic!! :)

How amazing you are going to try for another!! We will be starting to try towards the end of the year, ideally would be in the next couple of months, but as we have the wedding, cruise and a holiday to Spain booked, we had better get those out if the way 1st!! :)

He very much looks like a very cheeky chappy!! Bet the flight attendants didn't get anything done on the flight at all!!


Almost spat my cuppa tea out ha ha. We're not trying for another Hun lol I meant we were so glad we tried for a third baby. And we got him ;-) it should say lol. .... I knew a while back little Hugo will be fast. Get him crawling around and poor you on your toes already. I can imagine he's I top everything right now. Louis loves the remote he's adamant I'm not watching corrie. :-) lovely to hear from you and to see Hugo growing so lovely, keep well xx


Doesn't time fly! , I remember seeing your birth story ( which seems like just a few months ago)

He looks Soooo adorable too :)


Thankyou Aleena yes does seem like yesterday I get all like woo oe when he's asleep and I see him sprawled out on the couch and that's when I get a sense of how much bigger he is. He was a tiny dot at 6lb. Keep well Hun x

Ah lovely Louis, he's very sweet. Glad to hear you're doing really well. Baby led weaning sounds fun, I puréed to begin with my son but he progressed to lumps and pinching from my plate really quickly so I think I'll just see how my little lady goes when the time comes.

Keep updating us, it's nice to hear how he's doing :-) x

Hello my dear, BLW is great but they say its learn to chew before swallow so I've had a few bits of toast etc I've took off him. Sounds like your wee one is doing well. It's the easiest way if they eat what you do. : ) hope ur keeping well x

Time flies by with these little bubbas. I still have moments where I still haven't even fully come to terms with the fact that I am now a parent, let alone that my son is already 21 weeks old and is a crazy, cheeky, loving and clever little boy!!

Lovely to see Louis is coming along so well and behaved for you on your long flight!! Love the pic :-) x

Snap only this sounds insane but sometimes I have to think did I just put

him in the car, what with getting the other two in I'm always double checking. I forget he's here half the time cos he's such a good boy from his mumma. Dosnt he look so peaceful in your picture. How is baba doing. Hope your keeping well too. X

He's doing really well thank you :-) he's a lovely little boy. I've been very lucky so far with him...he's spoiling me really, making me believe the next baby could possibly be the same when we do have another lol. I'm good too :D x

Awww, lovely little smiler! Good to hear how well you are getting on. My little Joshua is 3 1/2 months already and I was thinking how grown up he looked this morning playing with his big sisters xx

3.5 months already wow that's flown by. Look at him smiling away in your picture he is adorable. I'm glad everything is going well. Hope your keeping well too. X

Time really does pass so quickly now. He's looking more and more like his dad :-) We're doing very well. Will have to update soon x

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