Hoping for good news

My sister is in hospital just now in labour. Her baby is at risk from the same condition that caused the stillbirth of my daughter a little over sixteen months ago. My sisters didn't want to tell me but I am being positive, the alternative is unthinkable. My husband is a little emotional, we are 16 weeks gone with our second. Trying to stay calm. Hoping to wake up with a newborn niece to meet.

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  • Oh this must be a worry for all your family. Hope to hear some good news tomorrow! x

  • Hope everything goes well. It must be emotional for all. Hope you share some good news with us tomorrow x

  • Fingers crossed all is well in the morning and you'll get to cuddle your beautiful niece very soon xxx

  • Really really hoping all goes well for your sister and family. Xx

  • Fingers crossed everything's ok xx

  • I hope u get to meet ur niece very soon. I hope all is well in ir current pregnancy xx

  • Sending you lots of positive energy xxx fingers crossed for you all

  • The same thing happened to my sister... we both have two healthy babies now, so stay positive. The hospital and midwives were really supportive, once they know that it is a risk they do their best. All my thoughts and prayers are with you all.

  • Ow this must be a worrying time for you I really hope all Is well! Hopefully ull have some good news soon x

  • I hope everything goes well. I had a sb at term in 2012. It was an awful time and I will never forget her. I was nervous all through my pregnancy last year, I now have a gorgeous healthy little boy. There can be a light after the darkness. Thinking of you and your sister x

  • I pray god bless you and your family with the victory xxx

  • Well little lady is being very stubborn so still no news yet, four days later. May be resolved today. Fingers crossed

  • Well she was sent home for the weekend then back in and they managed to get things going and then happily had her daughter o Monday weighing 5lb and all happy and healthy.

  • Aw, yay!! Such a little one too, how sweet!! Congratulations to all...glad she arrived safe and sound x

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