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anxiety and excitement all at same time

So, its getting close to the big day (and i dont mean xmas :P). I'm 34+3 and midwife told me today that baby was in a prime position and heading into the pelvis, we should have proper engagement any time now. I have had the most horrendous spats of braxton hicks lately with each one making me wince and unable to sit down. I must admit, Im a mixture of emotions at the min, partly anxious and in disbelief that the time is actually here already (Sept, Oct and Nov all disappeared in the blink of an eye) and partly excited, wanting everything to hurry up already lol. Talk about messed up.

I started my maternity leave this week and because of OH having a friend visit and the run up to xmas, I havent managed to catch a break myself. Today is my first "me" day and I'll be sure to put the feet up and rest for a bit.

I really hope all u mums and mums-to-be are keeping well and are all settled for xmas. Looking at some of the festive photos has been lovely. Hope u all manage to take it easy and will look forward to reading some xmas stories from u all (as I'm sure we will all have some mischief to share)

Much love to u all xxx

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Isn't it just the craziest most confusing time?! I couldn't get my head round being so desperate to go into labour but then thinking, WAIT!!!! why the hell do I WANT to go into labour?!

Excited for Christmas big time!! :) hopefully there will be no horrific weather conditions coming in the next few weeks. You don't want to be battling through blizzards about to give birth!! :$ xx


So excited for you!


Ha! I totally know what you mean. You feel so terrified of having to give birth but also like you can't wait! The crazy thing is it could be 3 weeks or nearly 8! I went to 41 weeks in the end. Being after your due date is particularly odd.

Anyway put your feet up and try to think positive. I don't normally go in for this stuff but I found downloading a hypnobirthing thing to listen to helped keep me calm!

Have a great Christmas!



Today is my D Day and I am on tender hooks but at the same time trying not to worry, so in essence going to keep as occupied as I can. Tomorrow I will be officially overdue yah boo......

My induction date is 3/1/14 which seems a lifetime away, so even though I'm not looking forward to the pain I would like it to hurry up now!!!! Xx


I'm on my first day of Mat Leave too. I'm 38 weeks so only 2 weeks to go for me and feeling VERY excited!! Husband is keen to start me in curry, pineapple & sex ASAP! ;)


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