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could i be pregnant ?

I recently went on holiday and me and my partner had unprotected sex one right after quite a bit to drink , a few hours later i started to get a bit of a stomach cramp so went to the toilet and i had a very light bleed . Since that night just over 2 weeks ago i have had a few unusual symptoms which make me think could i be pregnant ? I've had light cramps , been more tired than usual , hot and cold flushes, going to the toilet more than usual , more discharge than normal . I have taken 2 pregnancy tests both clear blue and both have been negative . I have started a very light period today which is alot lighter than i normally get . Is there any chance i could be pregnant despite the 2 tests being negative did i perhaps take them too early ?

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Always possible for a false positive result especially if you test a bit early. Worth checking again in a few days if you still feel unsure, my second pregnancy took three tests before I got that positive...week and a half after the first test I eventually got the positive, my hubby had thought I was mad but I just knew I was pregnant. xxx


i came on a light period yesturday afternoon and throughout the night it has got heavier and kept me awake with stomach, back and upper thigh cramps which i always seem to get with my normal periods .


I went to the GP today and she told me that if i was having a period then i am not pregnant ... but i still don't feel right in myself . She didn't really seem to fussed on finding anything out . She just said if i still suspect i am pregant to take another test in the next few weeks .


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