Reflux and Gaviscon?

So, the last few weeks Hugo has been vomiting a bit after his feeds, and going all rigid and screaming like he is in pain. Did a bit of reading and thought he may have reflux, so went to the docs today and he agreed he has reflux so gave us gaviscon.

My question is... the box says mix 2 sachets with 4oz of milk however he has 7oz each feed.

Is 4oz milk and 2 sachets the minimum ratio so I can just mix it with his 7oz, or do I have to give him 4oz with the gaviscon then 3 more oz?



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6 Replies

  • Oh bless him. I think until you can check with maybe a pharmacist or GP I'd give the 4oz with the 2 sachets in and then give the 3oz after just to be safe.

    If you put the 2 sachets in with all if the 7oz at once it might dilute it???

    Sorry it's not more helpful!!!

    Hope he's feeding more comfortably soon xxx

  • Thanks hun! He had 4oz before bed after his baby rice and he wasn't sick at all so fingers crossed it will continue!! :) I'll pop into the pharmacy tomorrow :) x

  • Oh that's good then. Fingers crossed!

  • Hi

    I was told to mix 1 sachet per 115 ml of feed so i make 8 oz bottle with 2 sachets all at once. Sometimes I'll make a 5 oz with 1 sachet in if I know she's only gonna take a small bottle. However this is assuming he's over 10lb in weight as they can't have 2 sachets then. If you're unsure I'd your gp to clarify but this is the way I was told by mine x

  • Ah ok yeah he is over 10lb so can have 2 :) thanks x

  • Hi

    I can't remember how much gaviscon I gave to my little boy (sorry), but just wanted to give you a heads up that it caused him to have constipation. X

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