Growing too fast!!

Growing too fast!!

Just thought I'd share this pic with you all....

Here is Hugo at 18 days old, he had somehow managed to turn 90° in his crib and sleep horizontally!!

Then here is is now at 20 weeks old, in the same crib, almost too big for it!! So much for lasting 6-9 months!!

Where has my tiny baby gone!!??

To all the new mummies... treasure every moment... the day we brought him home feels like yesterday!!


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  • awwww they are such cute photos and Hugo is certainly a handsome boy, u are going to have ur hands full chasing away all the girls hehe.

    I was at a parenting class where they showed you the first 14weeks of a babys life and i was stunned at the change even between birth and 8weeks. They dont stay our babies for long it seems... xx

  • I was going through James' clothes earlier, too big for 0-3mths but still a tad too small for 3-6mths and came across a couple of newborn size 1 nappies from the bounty pack....I can't even imagine him ever having fitted into one of those....though admittedly he didn't for long anyway lol. He's 11 weeks today and it's just going too fast. He seems different every day and he's my little buddy. We have so much fun together already! It's amazing how quick it goes! xx

  • Thanks gigglysheep!! He won't be having a girlfriend till he is 25! Lol xx

    I feel like I am putting clothes away every day that are too small! Hugo was in between sizes but within a week or 2 they fitted perfectly!! The nappy in the 18 day pic were newborn size 1 they seemed really big on him for ages!

    Isn't it amazing how every day something is new!! Such an incredible feeling seeing this little human!! :) xx

  • These pictures are amazing!! Somehow when you see pictures of when they are so tiny you feel so emotional. It's such a cliche comment but they just grow up so fast. You're so excited for them to reach the next development that you forget just how big they're getting.

    I found pictures of when I was pregnant this week and it seems so surreal - I can't believe that was me and he was really in my tummy!!!!xxx

  • What an amazing photo! Really makes me realise how time flies! I hope I dont forget to treasure every moment when the chaos begins :)

  • So cute! My lo is 8 months Sunday. I look at him and think he's still a tiny baby, then I see a new born..... lol! Can't believe just how much they change facial as well as size wise! Incredible :) x

  • Ow absolutely gorgeous u must be so proud. My lo is 7 weeks and I have a few friends who have babies between 5 months and a year n every time they see my lo they say they are shocked as cant remember there's being so small but to me she's huge compared to the day she was born just trying to wnjoy wvwry minute before we no it they will be stropy teenagers hehe x

  • Aw, he's so cute. Does seem every day they get bigger. look at john and think how did you ever fit in my tummy? Each day find clothes that don't fit and ones thought wouldn't be in for ages fitting already! x

  • If only we could stop the clock. What a gorgeous little boy and my hasn't he grown. I hope you have the book of memories on the go that really shows how much they grow and so quickly. Loulou is rolling over now and chatting away his legs go none stop from the minute he's awake until he goes to bed. Baby massage is working well at bedtime x

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