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How long does it take to get urgently referred to your midwife?


I found out I was pregnant yesterday and have been to my GP today and they have urgently referred me to the midwife as I don't know how far gone I am so can't make any decisions. But I want to know how long this will take? Does anyone have ideas?

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Think it will really depend on your midwife hun different areas/doctors seem to be different. There is only one midwife at my Doctors so an appointment with her can take a couple of weeks...but then I have never asked for an urgent one. I would suggest if you havn't heard anything in next couple of days you phone your Doctor and try and chase it up...know that for me I can book appointment with receptionists but again think this is different in different areas. Sorry not being very helpful really...good luck xxx

congrats on ur pregnancy!! :)

I agree with bumpnumber4, it is very area specific as each surgery has different procedures according to regions. Where I am, we are given a number to call to book a midwife, the doctor doesnt refer you (which to me seemed weird).

I'd imagine the midwife will want to send you for a scan to date how far along you are, but then, that is just guessing. I hope u get the answers u seek soon, but in the mean time, enjoy the thought of being pregnant :) xxxx

I am enjoying it :) just still a bit of a shock and just want to know how far gone I am so I can sort everything out xx

Hiiii, i was the same with my first as i had irregular periods etc etc. i was seen within a couple of weeks and had a scan in that time aswell to find out how far i was. I know how u feel about not knowing! Frustrating isnt it. Hang on in there, wont be too long now x

Hi, I had a similar situation but it wasn't the midwife I was referred to but the Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit. They asked for me to have blood tests first to check hormone levels and when they were high enough that they could be fairly confident they'd actually see something they called me in for a scan. Only after that was positive did I get referred to midwife, who is actually off sick so waiting for a couple of weeks anyway. Does seem to be completely different between areas. Nothing to worry about though, even if she doesn't get to you for while you've plenty of time to get a scan booked. Congratulations! X

Hia thanks everyone got my scan yesterday and im 8 and a half weeks :)

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