Why can't i sleep???????????

Hi ladies, i'm nearly 21 weeks pregnant and i can't bloody sleep!!! It's driving me mad. I'm going to bed at about 9pm each night as i feel worn out by then (i work full time) and around 2-3pm i wake up, go to the loo and then that's it - i'm awake, tossing and turning, having really wierd dreams and feel like i'm basically awake the rest of the night. My brain doesn't seem to be switching off!!! Is this normal???? I've tried the pillows between the legs and herbal teas but no luck!!! I wouldn't mind if i actually had baby to get up for but i don't yet. I feel like by the time she gets here i'll be so tired i'll be good for nothing!!!

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I was exactly the same! Got in from work and felt like I could sleep for a week but then woke all the time for a wee and couldn't get back to sleep!! And the crazy dreams were insane, literally insane!! I just tried drinking less after 7.30pm wee before bed and have a nice warm bath to relax, I also used Molton Brown sleep spray on my pillow, but anything with a lavender scent will have a similar effect I would think. X

I'm 20 weeks and having the same trouble, when it comes round the getting up for work & the school run as i already have an 8 year old i feel like i've had next to no sleep :( i'm trying to force myself to stay awake that little bit later in a bid it will work!!

So frustrating but I found I had to go to bed as soon as I was tired if not then I got over tired and restless legs and lay awake for ages then woke up at ridiculous times in the middle of the night. .. try a nice warm Bath. ..a warm milk or hot chocolate and straight to bed!

Yep I feel your pain, I still have an hour awake at least, if not two. Have taken to accepting it and watching turgid subtitled dramas to make me go to sleep! Hope it passes! Xx

The joys of motherhood!!!!!! Just think though, you are becoming more cultured along the way ;-)

I'm 37/40 & everything has been plain sailing until this week - Now I've been awake since 0300 every night -meaning all day I feel exhausted & can't even nap to make up for it! Reading up on it - things it sounds normal ..! Any advice would be great?

Im 23 weeks and ive been suffering lack of sleep too for weeks. Ive now found the later I go to bed the better I sleep xx this is my 4th baby and I have suffered lack of sleep through all pregnancies. Unfortunately I think its very common xxjust gotta go with the flow and think of it as practice for the sleepless nights xx

I think you're right! I agree with trying to going to bed later, I've found it helps a bit but do struggle to stay up - it gets to about 8pm some nights and i'm thinking "how can I tell my other half i'm off to bed.....!!!!"

im 28 weeks and ive been the same way for weeks. Come 10pm I'm shattered and then by 3am (seems to be the magic number here) I am awake, need a wee and toss n turn having little naps til i need to get up for work at 6/7am. Its very common by the looks of things and all preparation I'm sure.

Something I heard at the nhs breastfeeding class might hold the key to this... Apparently when we are awake and moving around, baby feels a rocking motion and is soothed to sleep. The minute we relax and lie down, baby goes "ooooo its disco time! lets play" and is using us and our mattresses as a trampoline. could explain the disturbed sleep :) xx

That's interesting, and makes a lot of sense! Only another 19 weeks of it to go.......

I was the same drove me crazy sometimes I would b goin to work on literally sleep n felt like crying usually falling asleep just b4 my alarm went off I found that instead of lying awake in bed that it was best to get up 4 an hour or so and read a book or watch tv or somthingn then try again rather than lying in bed stressing out :)

Yep, i'm the same. Feel like I could go in to a really good sleep then have to get up! Think I need to try getting up too and reading, I do get really stressed just tossing & turning.Thanks for your advice !

I'm 15 weeks and I've just flown to HK, last week I had a great sleeping pattern, in bed by 9:30pm and sleeping really well until 6am. But now, I just can't sleep through the night - I thought it might just be really bad jet lag! I think that's definitely part of it but I'm going to try some lavender too. Tossing and turning can be so stressful so I often turn to a book for an hour or so to try and quieten those thoughts - I often manage to get back to sleep for a time after that.

Hope you get some relief soon x

Thank you all so much, although I sympathise with you all, i'm glad it's not just me! xxx

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