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O.K Im now officially bored with this now!!

Hi all

I know it may sound a bit disgusting but im now 39+4 wks & im just so anxious to have the baby out now im just feeling bored with the pregnancy :(

My "official" due date of delivery is the 8/11/2013 so there's really not that long to go now & I must say Ive being getting / feeling some sure signs that "labour" could be on it's way usually during the night when I get up to go & use the loo.

Last night for example got me a bit excited as I was lying down in bed & I could feel a really firm amount of pressure around my pelvic / womb area so I decided to get up & have a Lil bounce on my birthing ball

(My OH thought I'd completely lost it) :) LOL

Ive had a few comments from friends which has also not helped by them saying they think I may go "overdue" as my bump is still very cute & neat Boo!! :(

Today has just being another one of my lazy days & if it's not for my 5 yr old son I probably wouldn't leave my bedroom apart from having something to eat or going to the toilet.

I think I just got so excited last night that Im feeling major tired right now with just about everything.

Still getting some good wriggles & squirms from baby so that cheers me up a bit but



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Ahhhhh I so know how u feel. ..I was so worried about my little man I couldn't wait to get him out. .. ur there now so ur could be any day now. .. fingers crossed it all happens for u asap xx


I know that feeling too but trust me after going 2weeks overdue with bubb n1 and full term with bubb n2 I decided to go for long walks, hot baths up and down the stairs with the third baby and I had him at 39+2!!! I believe the stairs did the job, I know it sounds ridiculous but I was fed up just like you and the thought of having to wait was killing me. Hang it there and stay active good luck



I think staying active in the next few days is the key to getting this baby out in the next few days as I think that may have been the case with my son too.

thanks :)


This bit is so frustrating! After baby #1 arriving 3 days early I was pulling my hair out by the time I made it to 41 weeks with #2! Nice long walks, that'll do the trick ;-)

I hope it starts soon and you have a nice smooth labour, looking forward to your announcement x


I hope so too :)

thanks for the encouragement.



Not too long to go! You can do it!! Getting walking and bouncing and disturb the baby out of there haha!! I hope you don't have to wait too long :D x


Thanks hun!

Yep It's time to disturb the peace in there now! :)

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Nearly there chick!! Any developments?? Xx


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