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which maternity knickers are guaranteed no vpl?!

Would anyone have a recommendation for maternity knickers that do not give vpl? I am a bridesmaid next month(!) in a jersey dress and need knickers that don't show, have been looking online and found a few but not sure what to go for? I would like over bump to give a bit of coverage/support during the day. I will be 32 weeks.

Thanks in advance!

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The only advise I could say is to try & buy a few "brief style" pants but get the next size up to what your usual size is.


Ive got a few "brief" pants already for post labour & I must say the might just be the most comfortable pants Ive ever bought :)

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I too have just been wearing bigger sized normal pants but you could try looking up the ones youve found online on amazon as there may be customer reviews. I bought some sleep bras from mamas and papas, luckily they had cust reviews on their site so I knew they came up small and got a bigger size. Difficulty with all maternity wear is not many shop stock it in store but I'm not sure you could return pants if bought online. May be worth a store shopping trip. Sorry this is not the answer you're looking for but I hope it helps a little. Enjoy the wedding. X


Spanx do a maternity range, I bought one if the high waisted maternity pants and it's really comfy and holds everything in.


I've just bought cheap pants from the supermarket two sizes up, and got a shorts/brief style, so aren't visible that way.


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