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28 weeks scan but head is small

Was just woundering if anyone has been through the same or has any advise please?

I had my 28 week growth scan today at 28 +3 weeks and they said the baby's head is small so have booked another growth scan to go back in 2 weeks. They listened to the blood flow by doppler and said that sounded fine but head is small. Has anyone experienced this? Will it mean there is problems with the brain or will her head grow. I no i should try not to worry but easier said then done.

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Its Horrible when they give u some information but not all of it. ..I personally would call ur consultants secetary tmw and ask to discuss it 2 weeks is a long time to wait for answers x


Hi hun. Not gonna say try not to worry cos i know what is like.all my pregnancy was just waiting and waiting.if my baby was ectopic(she wasnt), if she'd survive laparoscopy(she did and moved from the corner to the middle of uterus) etc. it was very long pregnancy...when i had a growth scan at 37weeks they told us her tummy was big,bugger than average so there could be a problem.but she was born 2weeks after perfectly healthy and her tummy is normal :) they told us she'll be weighing 7lb but she was 8lb 4oz! So its not always acurate what they Babymother said try ringing your consultant tomorro cos you dont wanna wait another two weeks as it would be agony for you.hope everything is ok xx


I saw the consultant yesterday and she said not too worry to wait for next scan in 2 weeks cuz she could grow by then, if not thn well go from there. She didn't say nethin about problems with the brain just that the head was small but I didn't ask was not thinking properly as didn't expect it but now I'm worrying. Thank you both


If u have any further questions then ring her secetary.... say u weren't thinking straight butu are worried and have some more questions and say if u feel the scan is too long if they can bring it forward x


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