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eeeek skin problems!!

Hello all you lovely ladies :) My little man is now 11 weeks and this isn't a baby related question, I just need a little advice. Before I became pregnant I had very bad Psoriasis, all over my legs and arms... however during my pregnancy they completely cleared, I was taking pregnacare plus tablets as well. My sister is getting married in November and im bridesmaid and this week i was horrified to see them all return :( I honestly thought i had seen the last of them :(

I am so upset as i have the perfect dress and have lost nearly a stone on slimming world to look nice on her wedding day and now i have big horrible red blotches all over me :(

Sorry for rambling.. I was wondering if anyone had any experiences like mine or had any advice as to things i could do? I have been to the dermatologist 3 times, taken all the creams and oils and nothing works, except becoming pregnant :( Maybe its hormones? something in my body that is lacking when not pregnant? Any advice would be appreciated.. hope everyone is well xxooxx

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I'm only newly pregnant and suffer with eczema and its never been worse!! Mainly my legs.

Your hormones in pregnancy can help or hinder skin conditions.

I am using heaps of emollients( I use diprobase) and when really bad wrap some cling film around my legs for a couple of hours after creaming up so it sinks right in. Really helps me.

It's maddening, hope you get some relief soon.


oh no :( really hope you get some relief soon.. it really effects your life :( Im down about it but im sure being pregnant with them is so much worse :( thanks for the advice, might try the cling film :) xoxo


First of all, well done you for loosing that weight! I don't suffer from this condition however I hear hypnotherapy is supposed to be good, I work for a private medical insurer so that's how I came across it... not sure if it's available on the NHS or if not how much it is private in your area. Does it improve when you expose it to sunshine? If so it may help x


Hiya :) thank you :) its supposed to but when I said to the doctor about sun beds he said no :( then I thought it could be the Vitamin D in the tablets I take that improved it? at this point Ill try anything no matter the cost :( its getting worse every day :( xx


Look into hypnotherapy then, its worth a shot and everyone I spoke to through work that had it said it was great!


Check out this link... xx


In keeping up with the kardashians, kim has tht condition and put breast milk on the affected area and it cleared it up.....make of it what you will....I have been watching a lot of crap tv lol. X


i have psoriasis too it drives me crackers! it has almost disappeared since ive been pregnant. im worried mine will return as soon as the baby comes! however before i was pregnant i used to use coal tar creams and go on the sun beds to help reduce it! i know people say oh dont go on the sun beds its bad for you blah blah but it really helps with mine, i only go on once or twice a week for 6 mins. good luck! x


I have psoriasis too - also completely cleared up during pregnancy, but now back with a vengeance!

I've been through everything too - PUVA, dithrocream, methotrexate etc.

What are you using at the moment? The most successful regimen I've tried over the last few years involved cycling between different creams. Changing weekly - complex but had a quick result: diprosalic, betnovate RD, eumovate and trimazole (there was another but I hated the smell so dropped it early, baby brain robs me of it's name atm!)

Ask your GP for a dermatology referral - use Choose and Book to make sure you get seen sooner rather than later (may involve travelling slightly further afield)



Calcitriol was the other x


Thanks everyone.. Wow this seems to be a common problem :( looks like ill have to return to doctors for a referral, I'm using olive oil ATM to reduce dryness and itch!! Over 7 years iv tried every cream they prescribed me but will attempt them all again to reduce them :( sun beds is another option, tho I'm a red head and I look at the sun and get burnt :( xxx


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