Falling Apart

I'm starting to find things a struggle now. .I'm 26 weeks and the aches and pains are so frustrating if it's not siatica is spd if its not that it's rib pain.or back pain .. my asthma is getting worse and I find if I do a bit of house work not even that much I suffer for it. .. there is so much I want to do... so much tidying up and nesting... all I feel likei do is moan about this or that ache or pain...I dont look at it that I have 14 weeks or 3 months to go I take it in 4 week blocks to make the journey a bit more bearable. .. but the main thing is little man is moving well and that's what's most important so something to keep smiling about and keep me going :)

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Hiya, I'm feeling much the same as you are now, I'm having terrible trouble with my SPD ended up at A & E on Saturday because I could hardly move, my bump has dropped and opened my pelvis way too far!! I think the main problem is because I'm carrying two, my bump feels like a ton weight I have to sleep sitting up. I'm now 32+6 and keep telling myself that it won't be long. As much as I want too I can't nest, can't even get myself a drink I'm finding this all difficult :( so stuck upstairs really doing nothing its frustrating but as my husband says my job is to grow the babies now. I feel for you having problems with you're asthma too I have asthma but luckily mines pretty much stayed the same and you have enough to deal with! Glad ur little one is ok tho that's the main thing! Take care xx


Oh ur s sounds terrible bless u...I can take my boys to school but coming home isa struggle. ..I just feel fed up I keep looking at my house and the state of it and it's getting me down. .. must be so frustrating for u bless u...x


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