Is it o.k to chemically relax my hair at 24wks pregnant ??

Hi ladies.

This may sound like a bit of a silly question, but me & my other half have been invited to alot of parties lately & although I'm 5 or 6 months pregnant (which ever way you look at 24wks) I would also like my hair to look it's best.

When I'm not pregnant I usually use a cream based/ chemical relaxer "every 6-8 wks by applying it to my scalp" which is sold in many hair & cosmetic stores.

But due to the circumstances I'm just a little worried about apply this cream based relaxer to my head thinking it may have a adverse / bad reaction to me & baby.

Has anyone else tried or know of any hair relaxer's which can possibly cause problems in pregnancy or am I just being paranoid.


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I'm 12 n half weeks and im struggling with the need to dye my hair. my roots are terrible lol.

At least with curly hair u can straighten this with heat rather than chemicals. if u have the slimline straighteners they get closer to the scalp than the big bulky ones. If ur adamant to do it with chemicals, ask ur local salon to do a patch test as in pregnancy ur hair reacts differently to chemicals u regularly use, aswell as ur skin. They normally dont charge and can advise u further about whats safe to use xx


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