Had third sweep and a "show" - getting pains but not sure if they are contractions

Hello - Im 41 + 2 with my first baby and had a third sweep on Monday (its now Wednesday), after this sweep i had a show (jelly like tinged pinkish/brownish) which came out in several pieces shall we say over these past few days. I have been getting back ache and period type pains, with a few sharp pains every now and again but nothing regular or that i cant cope with. Also getting Braxton Hicks type tightenings across my belly and feel the need to go to the loo every 5/10 mins. I'm not too sure if i'm in early labour or still waiting to be? Am i having contractions or just normal pregnancy pains - please help?! Thanks

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  • Hi hun I think you could be in the latent phase (early labour) it can last a long time. My first was 14hrs until I was established but keep doing what your doing keep mobile etc etc and until pains get regular and painful I wouldn't phone unit. Good luck! Hope yr baby makes an appearance soon, do you know what colour your having? Xx

  • P.s my braxtons turned into proper ones. You will know when it's happening hun xx

  • It sounds to me that these may be more than just aches and pains. All babys have their own timing and your little one has to arrive sometime soon! Try to not to get over excited though as it may take some time and you need your energy. Listen to your body, you will know labour when it happens. Best of luck and keep us posted :)

  • Yeah sounds like early labour. Take some paracetomols, have a bath and TRY and get some rest as you may still have a long while to go yet.

    I know everyone is different but I had my show on the Saturday then on the Tues had back ache & period type pains then my waters broke on the Thursday night and had him at 6.05am on the Friday morning.

  • Thanks very much guys, you've been a great help. I think i might leave the paracetamols for a while longer yet, but i'll definitely have that bath and stay as active as possible to help things move along. BTW I'm having a girl. thanks again xx

  • Aww lovely congratulations! A beautiful girl :-) xx keep us posted xx

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