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Metronidazole 200mg in third trimester

Hi all lovely ladies.hope you well :) i've got a question:i have bacterial vaginosis again but the first time i was in my second i'm it safe?did any of you used it and your baby was healthy?i'm getting scared that if i take it something will happen.i know its better to be treated but i read so many stories...:( plus i had my whooping cough injection today so i look out for anything i being paranoid?xx

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It's like most drugs, not proven safe as not tested in pregnancy, but no data to suggest harmful. BV on the other hand...


I sympathise, I have just been taking unproven medication for shingles and it made me nervous.

My sister said something which made me feel better, which was that she took antibiotics with her second baby and everything was absolutely fine.

And as DrFluffy says, and as my doctor said to me about the shingles, the illness itself is the much greater risk to the little one.

Get well soon!



Totally agree!

Specifically, for this pregnancy, my regular medal are:

Aspirin 75mg once a day - since 12/40

Cephradine (antibiotic) 250mg once a day - since 28/40

Ferrous Fumerate 210mg twice a day - since 34/40

Beginning to feel like I rattle! None have a specifically proven safety profile in pregnancy, but no evidence of specific association with adverse events. Each is doing a massively important job though, protecting Flump against me ;-p

Looking forward to being medication free again though!!


Thank you for your replies ladies.its hard being pregnant isnt it?i've never been to the doctors or hospital so many times in my life...but it will all be worth it...just cant wait till middle if august to meet the little one :) and like drFluffy said free of medications :)


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