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Is there a "silver bullet" for Morning Sickness?

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Hi all,

I'm getting married in two weeks and my MS is getting worse and worse every day (I'm 9 weeks). I can get through all the queasiness - I know so many women do! - but I really don't want to feel like a complete wreck on my own wedding day. Is there anything I can do or a drug I can take just for that one occasion, to make the symptoms go away/reduce them?

At the moment all I'm doing is getting lots of rest, being out in the fresh air as much as I can, eating lots of small meals and little snacks throughout the day. It helps to some extent, but doesn't really beat the sickness.

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Have u tried travel sickness wrist bands? They Help some people but not others. .. if ur sickness is quite bad drs can prescribe anti sickness meds and they might do if ur getting married no harm in asking x

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I am willing to try anything and see if it works. Are these definitely safe for the baby?

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Think They can give u an antihistamine my boys teacher said the dr have her them and it really helped but only go to ur g.p for them to prescribe the wrist bands are fine x

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I know u can go to the gp If it is really bad but I don't know if they work at a drop of a hat, I am still sick every morning and I am 28+6 so I know how bad it can be. theres no harm goin to dr, don't ask u don't get. x

i tried travel bands (or mumma bands they were called). I kept them on and never took them off until a few weeks ago. i dont think they really worked, it was all in my mind incase they did.

i have hyperemesis- so spent week 8 - 13 in hospital on a drip. i have tried different antiemetics (sickness) tablets. they say the best one is Ondansetron (zofran), you can get this in tablet or syrup form. probably syrup is easier than swallowing a tablet.

i also tried cyclizine- i had this on drip though along with the other one. i felt this worked better, but the tablet form didnt. i have tried buccastem which dissolves between your top lip and gum. that did nothing for me.

and finally i am on prochloraperazine (i think thats how its spelt). bit unsure on these. been taking sicne the weekend and still being sick. but not as much.

doctors are on the last resort with me lol. im 29 weeks. and still being sick. :( they had to take me off the steroids i was on as babys at risk of diabetes.

best thing is to go to your doctors. they will give you one of the above pescriptions. x

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Oh wow, sorry to hear that you're feeling so awful (and for so long!). It must be absolutely draining.

I will write down all of the meds you mentioned and try to book an appointment with my GP. I have to say he hasn't been very helpful so far, but perhaps if I mention the wedding he might be able to help.

Thanks again!

i hope he can help you. its the last thing you need on your wedding day. it want it to be enjoyable. try to snack on dry things. ready salted crisps are a good thing. x

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I'm finding "pretzels" really good too. Less oily than crisps, so you can munch for longer without feeling sick.

its the salt in take that helps. honestly. salt dry things were a god send to me. x

Ritz crackers are one of the few things I can eat at the moment. Not a healthy diet but better than not eating. Agree its the salt. I never eat salty food or add salt when cooking but I am constantly wanting salt at the moment. You could get lightly salted crackers if you want a healthier option. It really has helped me. I am told the doctor can prescribe safe antihistamines which help nausea if you are really stuck.

Good luck and congrats on the wedding. Enjoy it. XXX

There are several antiemetics you can take which are safe in pregnancy. Lots of GPs are really badly educated about treatments though so don't be surprised if you get fobbed off. The charity Pregnancy Sickness Support can give you information about treatments and how to get them. See pregnancysicknesssupport.or... and also If you are suffering the beginnings of hyperemesis then you should be aware that you may end up dehydrated and need admitting to hospital for IV fluids, keep an eye on your fluid intake and other signs like the colour of your urine. The other thing you should be aware of is that the earlier you get treatment the better, women who have hyperemesis a second time find that it's not so bad if they get treatment at the first sign of nausea rather than waiting till they're admitted to hospital.

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