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Early scan tomoz and so nervous

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Hey everyone well iv managed to get to 6 weeks and 1 day :-) and tomorrow morning I have my internal scan as was offered one because of my mc at the end of april. I'm so nervous and can't stop worrying, I haven't had any pains, cramps, bleeding or spotting this time found but still can't stop worrying incase the scan shows nothing xx

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Good luck bbe x

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Thanks xx

Hope All goes well :)

Good luck :) xx

Good luck today x

Hope it all goes ok! Xxx

Good Luck, let us know how it goes xxx

Good luck! xx

Good luck I tryed gettin an early scan they wouldn't give me one after my mmc in January I now have one more week to wait till my 12 week scan and it has been driving me crazy the wait. Try and stay positive I know how your feeling :)

Well I have had my early scan and it was amazing :-) babys heartbeat was so strong and measuring a quarter of an inch. Was so relived and happy I actually cried. Thank u all so much for the good luck I'm just so happy :-) xxx

Whoop :-) really made up for you. How far along are from the scan? Xx

Lovely news, congratulations :)

I've booked myself in for a private scan as can't wait for 12 weeks, no only have to wait till the 22nd :) counting down the days.


First scans are the best things ever, I couldn't stop crying with happiness :)

I can't stop looking at the scan pic :-) even though baby is a tiny blob he/she is my tiny blob lol. I was rite with my working out on dates and I was 6 weeks and 1 day :-) can't wait for next scan now xxx

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