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Ouch! Got a real little kicker here

Just coming up to 24 weeks and can't believe how active baby is. My tummy is really sore from being pummelled from within. Sometimes baby kicks so hard it causes spasms in my stomach muscles and feels like an elastic band is being snapped. He/she is currently punching or trampolining on my bladder! Hopefully baby will settle down soon so I can get some much needed shuteye.

Enough whinging, at least I know my little (or maybe not so little) one is strong :-)

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Lol made me smile sounds like baby is having a good time.. though ur not xx


Morning Dozymum,

Wow your actually having some sort of 'silent' disco in your tummy :-)

I am 18 weeks today and every new feeling I'm wondering If it might be the first feeling of movement ! I know over the next few weeks it should start to happen...eeeekkkk :-)

Hope you got some sleep last night xxx


I am 27 weeks today and have the same thing, my little man is very active specially early morning (4/5am) and late at night. And yes sometimes i feel like i am taking a right beating inside, its funny tho watching my belly move, i think my little man is just practising his football skills early. I think he is on my bladder now tho as i am going for a wee more now which is a bit of a pain but hey a small price to pay for a wonderful gift xx


I have had drum solos for weeks! Nice to know they are strong and healthy but it can get a bit wearing :)


Good to know I am not alone in bearing a disco dancer/footballer! Fortunately baby is having a bit of a quieter day so far today - probably worn out from yesterday :-)


This is a great post. 23 weeks and I've had sharp kicks and punches for weeks, and sometimes they do hurt - but even then, even in the small hours when I really would like to sleep, I can't help but smile. Just feel a bit sorry for my partner, he'll have two hyperactive people to put up with after babys born :)


An nearly 27 weeks and love all the movements, we've def been disco dancing for last 30 mins. I find it a good time to engage with our baby and have a chat :) and often get a big kick in response. Am suffering very badly with rib pain at the mo so this is a lovely reminder as to why my body is going through this.

Enjoy every moment as its short lived xx


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