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29 weeks and anti depressants

Hi not been on for a while but have got to 29 weeks yippee!! I was taking anti depressants before I was pregnant and came of them as soon as I found out, things went down hill over the last month and have had to go on citalopram 10mg which are working and I starting to feel human again. Spoke to midwife yesterday she said I was brave, just what I needed to hear after gp has been very supportive I know there are risks but I have three other children (one special needs) and just could not cope any more, my question is has anyone also taken citalopram whilst pregnant and on birth was there any side effects caused by these meds to the baby??

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I Was on prozac but stopped them because I was pregnant my dr said I could continue to take them but I didn't want to because of the side effects but he said they were very small. .. now ur well over the stage where things are well developed I think that's better than taking them in the first three months butdr fluffy on here will give u better info x


Hi, Im in a similar position. i'm 15 weeks at the moment and before i found out I was pregnant I was on 40mg citalopram, i tried to cut it down and to come off it totally but I ended up in quite a bad situation and ended up off work for 4 weeks. I am now human again on 20mg per day, the gp has said that they would prefer it if I wasnt on anythign but that isnt possible right now. The only reason that they are concerned is because they have no evidence whether there are side effects or not so they are leaning to the side of caution. When I had my first baby I was also on citalopram, not all the way through but during the vast majority of the 1st trimester. He is a happy healthy little boy.

You've got to remember that you arent on your own in this situation and there will be plently of people out there takign these tablets during pregnancy, its important that you are healthy and happy too! :)


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