How much more??

Heartburn, constant full bladder, headaches, sore back, swollen feet and face, breathlessness, cant eat, barely able to walk now, constipation.... now i have carpal tunnel syndrome and would you believe its the worst!!!

Consultant today said there is nothing they can do except deliver the baby to help, so no help then :( swollen, sore, numb and tingling up to my elbow, worse at night :( has anyone experienced this awful condition?? any advice on how to stop the pain would be very much appreciated :) thanks xx

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You poor thing, sounds like you're well in to the tough bit! I had a touch of carpal tunnel when I was pregnant, I think it was quite a mild case I wasn't sore or numb all the time but when I was it was awful! I bought a wrist support which I though was great, you can get one from amazon for about a tenner. Apparently sleeping with your arm hanging off the side of the bed is supposed to help but that wasn't for me! Do you have a desk job where you're typing a lot? If so, be sure to break often and flex your hands to give them a rest.

All of these rubbish symptoms go away when you deliver, and I promise it is worth it! Hang in there ;-)

aw thank you :) it really is awful.. i keep saying how sore it is and people laugh considering whats to come :) im 37 weeks so nearly there, its only really developed within the last 2 weeks so i guess its not too bad i just hope it goes when i have my baby :)

I read about the wrist support.. will try that :) I tried hanging my arm off the bed but it didnt suit me either, i was awake all last night :( tried a cold compress on my hand which actually made it worse :( im off on maternity leave atm but have been very busy cleaning and getting the nursery done.. have no idea how i managed to get it :( oh the joys :) xxx

Oh hun, this sounds awful. I guess the bright side of this is that you are 37wks so not long to go now. Yeeeeaah! But do you think this could be a sign of the baby wanting to come out a Lil earlier than expected ?.


Oh i hope so :) the consultant said he is a very big baby and is engaged so fingers crossed he makes his appearance soon.. couldnt cope with this pain much longer :( xxx

Oh do feel for u hopefully he will come sooner rather than later fingers crossed xxx

Thank you :) fingers crossed xxx

I've had carpel tunnel and it's crap! Is it worse when you're in bed? I was advised to sleep on a spare doubled up duvet, also to wear wrists splints at night. It's because of all the extra fluid in your body putting pressure on your Median nerve within the carpel tunnel in your wrist. Apparently about 50% of pregnant women get it. Once you have your baby and your body gets rid of excess fluid it should go away. Hope you feel better soon and you meet your little one in good time x

Oh dear not long left to wait till labour day and all this will be a thing of the past. Then you will have late tired nites, piles and then to top it off being an emotional wreck for a few weeks. Enjoy your last few weeks of being pregnant as the fun really starts once the baby is here.

Sorry I dont know what is wrong with me, didn't mean it to sound bitter and twisted and unsympathetic. Feel moody today.

Lol but that's true! X luckily u do have that buzz of having a new baby that helps get u thru! :)

I have all these too - sometimes feels pretty miserable, but then I feel my baby move :-)

Heartburn I hear you there chick. 36 weeks and boom. Awful awful awful... Sounds pretty bad with the carpal tunnel I remember a lady on here saying she used the wrist straps and that helped. Not long for either of us. I'm wishing away my weeks 4 to go excited xx

Hi, am really sorry to hear your having dreadful few weeks, as your 37 weeks and with a big baby I'd be very tempted to get induced, have you thought about this after seeing your consultant?

I've not had carpal tunnel but have experienced tendonitis in my wrists for what I thought must be caused by Repetative Strain From using laptop mouse and making jewellery, was really painful, felt like my tendon was being dragged along sandpaper, I was prescribed a hospital wrist support and had a steroid injected up the shaft, that was bloody painful, I nearly fainted.

A colleague after her son had surgery on both her wrists as new mums are prone to wrist problems and even still yesterday she was having steroids put in her wrists....bit of a worry so she's giving me tips on carrying the car seat and picking up the baby!

I really hope you start to feel better soon, get that baby out and all would resolve very quickly I'd like to think xx

Join the club I had this and everything you described, p,us gestational diabetes and pre eclampsia!

Wear splints at night on your wrists

I used ibuprofen cream on my wrist when it became unbearable

Now I have delivered baby it's gone :)

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