Guess who's in hospital?!?

Yup, I had an appointment yesterday and the consultant admitted me. They are still not 100% sure that the placenta isn't attached and it isn't going to move anytime soon so the plan is for me to be in hospital until baby arrives.

Consultant is planning on delivering me at 36 weeks, method of delivery will be section but has a lot of complications so waiting to see what he says.

It was so hard saying goodbye to the kids, but hubby's work have been great and luckily we have grandparents very nearby.

Will keep you all up to date




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10 Replies

  • So you have got 3 weeks in hospital now then till you will have a section?? You have just got to go with what they say for the best (which I know is not ideal) but better for you and the baby. Bet your children are gutted but take it as a plus that you will get to fully get yourself ready for the new baby and should be well rested come birth day.

    Your lucky that his work have been good as some could have made it very difficult and made it a whole lot more stressful. Put your feet up and get into a good book I would, there is nothing more you can do.

    Take care:-)

  • Aww - hope all is well. Xx

  • Ah bless you, at least they can come and visit u.... and ur in the best place....Try and look at it as a little break for u... hope ur feeling Ok xx


  • ...get your hubby to take you some ear plugs in - trust me...!

  • We're lucky in our hospital they have all the women who are in hospital for various reasons but are pregnant... On one Ward and then everyone who has had their babies on another. .. Don't know why they put u all on the same Ward not fair really x

  • Mine to - but the antenatal ward included the 'induction bay'... Horrific ;-)

  • When I was in early labour with my 2nd I got put on the Antenatal ward which was full to the brim that day. It was horrendous. They were all there chomping on their breakfast and I was squirming round on the bed thinking I was gonna murder someone. Stupidly I told the hosp I had had 2 paracetmols in the morn so I couldn't have any pain killers. Not a nice situation to be in.

  • Oh Hun I'm sorry to hear that. Get the rest ear plugs defiantly :-) keep us posted xx

  • Eeek! Not so good that you have to live in hospital, but at least you're in good hands. My friend was admitted to hospital with placenta previa and she was kept awake most nights, so I'd echo the advice re the ear plugs. Make sure you have lots of books and have something to hand you can watch films on. Good luck. xx

  • Or try and get a private room x

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